Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ministry of Evil Birds

Text: Genesis 15:11
Animals are symbolic of different spirits and powers in the spiritual realm. Even in the bible, God used animals as symbols. When they show up in the dreams they are usually symbolic. For example, a dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. A serpent represents evil, deception, danger and lies. A goat represents rebellion, stubbornness, and witchcraft. Cows represent unrepentant household wickedness, dogs represent unbelievers, witchcraft powers and unregenerated pastors and ministers.

Birds as symbols
These are blind birds, that only see at night. They are therefore birds of the night. They represent spiritual blindness. They also represent death and hell.

These are also birds of the night and considered unclean in the bible. They are birds of death. It is the general belief in Africa that when you see one alive it has come to announce your death. They represent spirit of death and hell, false knowledge, and evil wisdom.

These are also unclean birds. They announce the spirit of impending death because they only gather where dead bodies are. They represent eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood which a witchcraft spirit. They also sybolize the spirit of suicide, which results in suicidal tendencies.

The Agenda of Evil Birds

Evil birds are normally on assignment to carry out the following agenda:

1. To pluck out people’s eyes out physically and spiritually.

3. To cover up peoples glory so that they can not shine as they fly over you and your territory.

4. To swallow people’s goodness, virtues, potentials, and blessings.2 Samuel 21:10, Genesis 40:17.

5. To steal the love from people’s hearts for others, for example they eat up the love of spouses or God ordained partners for each other.

6. To steal the word of God, logos and rhema from human hearts.

7. They are messengers of untimely death.

8. To eat up people’s flesh and drink their blood.

9. They introduce sickness

10. They introduce spirit of death and hell

11. They eat up peoples sacrifice for God if you let them. Genesis 15:11.

12. They act as evil monitors and are used to monitor people’s lives.


Unknown said...

I need deliverance from evil birds. Can I get assistance please?

Unknown said...

Please support me in prayer Ma.

Unknown said...

Yes Google Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ. You will find God there.