Monday, May 22, 2017


SCRIPTURES: Luke 2:1-20, Numbers 22:1-13, Numbers 23:7-24.
CONFESSION: Numbers 23:23, Psalm 27:6.   
SONGS: 1. O what a wonderful God, what a marvelous God, He has done marvelous things for me. 2. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name. 3. He has done great things He has done great things bless His holy name. 4. You are the Alpha and Omega. 5. Lifted, I am lifted o, I am lifted by the word.
HYMNS: 1. Majesty Worship His majesty.  2. O the blood of Jesus.
1. Every wicked power that has caged me, release me and die, in the name of Jesus. 
2. Every power contesting with me against my God assigned seat, release it and die, in the name of Jesus.
3. Everything representing me in the demonic world, I withdraw your representation, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every satanic investigation into my affairs, be dismantled, the name of Jesus.
5. All satanic altars, erected against my destiny, be overthrown by fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. I reject every demonic limitation on my progress, in the name of Jesus.
7. Anything done against my life under demonic anointing, be nullified, in the name of Jesus.


A person’s star represents all that the person stands for. If it is quenched the person is in trouble. The devil and his agents delight in doing terrible things to people’s stars. They cage, demote, deaden, misdirect, pull down, darken, or cause people’s stars to wonder around aimlessly. Agents of the devil get promoted for doing this.

Prayer: No evil power shall use my life to obtain promotion, in the name of Jesus.

1.    Right from the womb satanic powers can know what a person will become in life.  They use various means to discover this including the following:
a.    They speak to the flame of a native lamp. This same lamp can also be used to manipulate a person’s life.
b.    Consult a sorcerer to inquire about the child’s life.
c.    Satanic consultation with satanic intermediaries such as fortune tellers, psychics, and palm readers about the child.
2.    They can manipulate a person’s star through the name that the person bears.  For example, people who are dedicated to and bear idol influenced names suffer such attacks on their star.  For example, when the Babylonians took Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah into captivity they were given new names that honored their idols, Belshazzar, Shadrach, and Abednego, in a bid to manipulate their stars.
3.    A person’s star can be manipulated through the placenta.  For example, some people’s placentas were cooked and eaten. Others were buried in the grave yard.  Today, such lives are facing terrible turbulence as a result and urgent and targeted prayers are needed to set them free.  
4.    A person’s star can also come under manipulation from consumption of food that has been polluted by wicked spirits and demons.

Prayer: Every bewitchment that entered my life through food and concoctions, die.

The agenda of star hunters are as follows:

1.    To prevent you from reaching where God has ordained for you to reach in life.
2.    They want to rearrange your life and destiny.  Actually, they want you to be number 10 when God has made you a number 1.
3.    Their purpose is to capture a person’s star and cage or destroy it.
4.    They want to catch a person’s star, throw it on the ground and match it.

1.    Let the power of God move me forward by fire, in the name of Jesus.
2.    Let the star of my destiny pick up fire and overtake its contemporaries, in the name of Jesus.
3.    Every power of the valley harassing my star, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

Star hunters would employ every means possible to resist and oppose the glow of a person’s star.  Below are some of the strategies that they use to do this.

Prayer: Every satanic opposition assigned against the shining of my star, scatter
by fire, in Jesus name.

1.  Satanic surveillance over such stars
Star hunters use occult means to look at your star.

Prayer: Every evil follower of my star, receive the thunder of God, in the name of Jesus.

2.    Astrology (Deuteronomy 18:10-11).
This includes psychics, palm readers, yoga, reiki, reflexology, and various New Age strategies.

Prayer: Every power that has stolen my virtues and potentials through charms and enchantments release me and die, in the name of Jesus.

3.    Counterfeit body
A person is a spirit, lives in a body and has a soul.  Your body is a container that holds your life.  Star hunters change the right container to the wrong one. It can be altered so that you go about with a fake body. This is to prevent you from getting the right things that belong to you in life. If you are in this situation you will be:
a.    Premature aging making you look older than your age.
b.    You will lose weight when you go through deliverance or you pray aggressive fire prayers.
c.    Can bring bad luck in life.
d.    Can bring unexplainable hatred by would be helpers.
e.    Heaviness of the body.
f.     Ugliness and sluggishness.
g.    Marital problems.

4.    .    Star hunters use charms such as “juju” and cast spells on their victims.  
Charms are inordinate objects to which demons are attached to carry out evil assignments or instructions in the life of victims. They also include the use of candles and incense.

1.    Every juju assigned against me turn against your owner, in the name of Jesus.
2.    I destroy every curse, spell, and jinx placed upon my star, in Jesus name.  

5.    Star hunters utter incantations against people.    
They are used to summon demons. They are used to introduce curses and to give satanic instructions concerning a person’s life.  

1.    I paralyze every incantation rendered against me by the power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
2.    I withdraw my life from every evil command, in the name of Jesus.

6.    Star hunters carry out divination against people.  (Numbers 23:23).
They hire satanic intermediaries like Balaam who was hired by Balak to curse the children of Israel to carry out divination against the children of God. All such divinations and enchantment in your life shall fail in the name of Jesus.

Prayer: By the power through which you are known as and called God Almighty arise and deliver me from the power of charms, enchantments, divination, and sorcery in the name of Jesus.  

7.    Star hunters satanically bury glorious stars
Prayer: Let every pit dug to swallow my star, be covered by the blood of Jesus.

8.    Star hunters use people’s placenta to manipulate their star
1.    Every power utilizing my placenta to summon my spirit, I break your power, in Jesus’ name.
2.    If my placenta has been used to divert my destiny, O God, arise and change it now, in the name of Jesus.
3.    Everything stolen from me through placenta manipulation, I repossess you, in the name of Jesus.
9.    Witchcraft and Familiar Spirit Harassment
     Prayer: I put to flight every organized warfare against my star, in the name of Jesus.

10. Satanic Programming
      Satanic intermediaries are hired to program problems in such a life. This is like the king of Moab who hired Balaam to curse the God’s children, the Israelites. For example, they can program slow progress into such a life using animals such tortoise, snail, millipedes.  They turn the person’s life from that of a flying eagle to that of a tied up and caged chicken.

1.    O Lord, move by the thunder of Your power and disgrace every satanic programmer, in the name of Jesus.
2.    O God arise for my sake and let every satanic program for my destiny scatter, in the name of Jesus.

  When a life is being hunted by star hijackers:

1.    There will be spiritual fatigue
      This makes praying very difficult
2.   Antagonize people that God has sent to help your destiny
3.   Caged life.
4.   Demonic manipulations out of the places of blessings.
For example, prefer to stay in churches where they will not grow spiritually.
5.   Profitless hard work
6.  Opposition everywhere
7.  Constantly being repaid evil for good
8.  Affliction
9.  Satanic arrest of progress
10.  Demotion

Prayer: Let all the star demoters assigned against my life, receive the sword of fire, in the name of Jesus.

11. Destiny vandalization and wastage
12.    Living below God’s standard for your life
13.Dream Harassment
14. Failure

Prayer: O eagle of my life, reject every program of demotion, in the name of Jesus.

1.    Take a moment and examine your life.
2.    Do you fall into any of the categories that were discussed as far as those that are under the siege of star hunters?
3.   Bring quality repentance before God and ask Him to forgive your sins and those of your ancestors using psalm 32 and 51.
4.    Use the blood of Jesus to close all the doors that opened in your life that are keeping the activities of star gazers in place in your life.
5.  Go for deliverance if possible and engage daily in in warfare prayers.
6.    Pray prayer of restoration to recover all that star hunters have vandalized in your life.
7.    Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God.
Songs: 1. Stubborn Goliath fall down and die 2. Do it, come and do it for me. 3. Arise, O God arise and fight my battle.
1. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I terminate every negative appointment with my destiny.
2. Every gang up against my peace, scatter unto desolation in the name of Jesus.
3. Every power assigned to put off my light receive confusion.
4. O God, reorganize my system to confuse evil observers, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every stubborn pursuer of my mother’s house die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every power assigned to bring me down, turn back and die, in the name of Jesus.
7. If my light has been put off or stolen, O Lord, arise and put it back on for me.
8. O light of God, disband every darkness in my life, in the name of Jesus.
9. My star arise and shine, no power can stop you, in the name of Jesus.
10. O God, arise and scatter enemies that have refused to let me go, in the name of Jesus.
11. I fire back every arrow of destiny transfer and exchange, in the name of Jesus.
12. Thou glory of my life, reject the commandment of star gazers and hunters.
11. Every strong man struggling over my star with me, fall down and die.
12. Every prison warder of my star, release it and die, in the name of Jesus.
13. Let the star of my life refuse to be darkened, in the name of Jesus.
14. I reject and revoke every demonic prayer said against my star, in the name of Jesus.
15. Every arrester and demoter of my glory, star, and virtues, die by fire.
16. Every evil power circulating my name for evil run mad and die, in the name of Jesus.
17. Every star gazer releasing charms and incantation against my star, run mad by fire.
18. Every arrow fired into my life by star hunters, come out and backfire.
19. Every evil mark or handwriting of demotion put upon me by star hunters, be erased by the blood of Jesus.
20. Every satanic pronouncement upon my head and star backfire by fire.
21. Every padlock of darkness working against my life, scatter in the name of Jesus.
22. O God arise, smite my stubborn enemies on their cheekbone, and break their teeth.
23. You the star of my life, refuse to wander around, in the name of Jesus.
24. All my breakthroughs and prosperity caged by star hunters, be released by fire.
25. Every evil expectation of my enemy for my life, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

26. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


SCRIPTURES: Revelation 3:17-18, Nahum 3:5, Genesis 3:1-24.
CONFESSIONS: Romans 8:35.
SONGS: 1. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  2. Almighty God hallowed be your name. 3. I have confidence in you Jesus.  4. Emmanuel is here. 5. We have come again, We have come again, Father we have come again, Holy Ghost come and take control, Amen. 6.  Carry me dey go Jehovah carry me dey go
HYMNS:  1. There is power in the blood of Jesus. 2. I am trading my sorrow I am trading my pain for the joy of the Lord.

1.   Every power that has swallowed my goodness, burst open and vomit it, in Jesus name.
2.   Every agenda of the wicked to naked my life, scatter.
3.  Every relationship that does not favor me, scatter by fire.
4. Ladders of darkness permitting evil infiltration into my life, catch fire and be roasted.
5. Any weakness in my life that is assigned to cripple my destiny, come out and die. 
6. If my brook has dried up, O Lord relocate me to my next place of blessing, in the name of Jesus.
7. Arresting powers of my father's/mother's house, release me and die, in the name of Jesus.
8. O God arise and let your mercy speak into every area of my life today, in the name of Jesus.


Nakedness is a very serious thing before God. It bothers on the issue of evil garments which was an issue with mankind right from the beginning. Adam and Eve were naked but not ashamed. This was until sin came in and then they became conscious of their nakedness, their sorry state. Genesis 3:7-11. Some people are fully clothed in their own eyes but as far as God is concerned they are naked.

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” Revelation 3:17

It is to be naked before God and before the powers of darkness and probably not even be aware of it. It is to become the laughing stock of your enemies. I pray that will not be our portion in the mighty name of Jesus.  

1.    It takes spiritual eyes to see it and spiritual discernment to perceive it. This explains why Adam and Eve never knew that they were naked until their eyes were opened.
2.    Nakedness comes in levels and stages. Some are totally naked; others are naked from the head to the waist; and yet others from the waist down.
3.    For some it is their womanhood and their manhood that are exposed pointing to what the devil wants to use to bring them to shame. Others it is their breasts, pointing to the spirit of seduction in them that needs to be addressed and dealt with. 
4.    There is yet hope for you today because even nakedness cannot separate you from the love of Christ. Romans 8:35.
5.    As Christians, we are expected to put on certain garments. Nakedness is not one of them. We are to put on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith and all that He represents such as love, mercy, and wisdom.  We are to think like Jesus, act like Jesus, and take on His personality. Why not sing this little song with me:

In all I do Lord I want to be more like you
In all I do, in all I say 
Lord I want to be more like you

Wherever I go, Lord I want to be more like you
Wherever I go, Whatever I do
Lord I want to be more like you

6.    It is our responsibility as Christians to cover our fellow Christians when they are naked. Matthew 25:41-46. This is also why the Bible warns us to be careful lest we ourselves fall into the same temptation in the following verse:

     "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." 1 Corinthians 10:12. 

PRAYER: O Lord, let your mercy speak for me where I am a lawful captive, in the name of Jesus.

Nakedness is the following.

1.    It is to be without covering.
2.    It is to be exposed, leaving yourself to be attacked by evil forces.
3.    It is to be unprotected. It is when the protection of God described under Psalm 91 is no longer there.
4.    It is to be without your umbrella.
5.    It is to be unclothed in the spirit realm. Matthew 25:36.

1. O Lord, save me and I shall be saved and heal me and I shall be healed.
2. Deliver me O Lord from my nakedness in the name of Jesus. 

The naked are:

1.    The unprotected.
2.    Those clothed with any other garment other than the white garment which the Father and Jesus wears and expects us to wear. Revelation 3:18.
3.    Those clothed with dirty garments that can never be white again.
4.    Those that are covered with inadequate garments or garments that can never truly cover a person properly. For example running to beggarly powers for help.
5.    Those that are wearing garments that are too small for them and so expose them.
6.    Those that have a wrong perception of themselves than God has of them.
7.    Those wearing garments that God never ordained for them to wear.
8.    Those that are uncovered. This could be partially or totally.
9.    Those that are exposed without divine protection.
10. Those that are on the outside where the blood of Jesus cannot cover them and the umbrella of the Almighty cannot cover them.
11. Those that are robed in any other garment other than the garment of Christ. Revelation 3:17-18.
a.    This will debar you from the marriage supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19:9.
b.    Money cannot buy it. 
c.    Only the blood of Jesus can qualify you to wear it and can keep it clean.
12. Those that are wearing the garment of shame and disgrace.

PRAYER: Every power setting evil trap for me enter into your own trap.

1.    Sin. Adam and Eve.
2.    Disobedience. Nahum 3:5.
3.    Ignorance
4.    Unrighteousness
5.    Dishonoring those to whom honor is due such as parents and other spiritual authority figures.
6.    Going outside the covering of Jesus to places where God is not welcome such as cult houses; Hindu and Buddhist temples; and other polluted places.
7.    Spiritual insensitivity – spiritual slumber, blindness, deafness, and lack of discernment. Revelation 3:18.
8.    Evil association
9.    Stealing. Joshua 7:1-24.
10.Rebellion. Good examples are Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. Numbers 16:1-28, 26:9-10. Also the Israelites who made the golden calf and went naked and wild serving it.  Exodus 32:4-35.
11. Bringing in unclean or cursed things. For example, Achan suffered destruction because of this. Joshua 7:24. 
12. Evil arrows.
13. Satanic programming of evil load into a person's life.
14. Foundational problems. 
15. Evil altars and satanic intermediaries. 
17. Curses and unbroken covenants.

1. O Lord, deliver me from my nakedness, in the name of Jesus.
2. I refuse to cooperate with my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every thing representing me in the demonic world, I withdraw your representation, in the name of Jesus. 
4. O God arise and let the root of nakedness in my life die, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every seed of nakedness in my foundation, be uprooted by fire, in Jesus name. 
6. By me, the nakedness of my father's house shall be taken away, in the name of Jesus.

1.    It steals a person’s glory. 
     Adam and Eve lost their glory and were driven out of the beautiful garden to a hard life life of laboring under a curse.Genesis 3:7-24
2.    It brings shame and disgrace.
3.    It brings reproach to the name of Christ. David and Bathsheba.
4.    It brings demotion. Samson was demoted.  Adam and Eve were demoted.
5.    It exposes the person to terrible attacks
6.    It takes you back to square one. This is what happened to Gideon. Judges 8:24-27.
7.    Destruction.
8.    Sickness.
9.    Captivity including spiritual and physical slavery.
10. Evil transfer and exchange.  For example, of sickness, affliction, and untimely death.
11. Untimely death.  Samson died prematurely with his enemies.
12. Caging of blessings and potentials.
13. Failure.
14. Loss of spiritual power and strength. For example, Samson not only lost his eyes but he also lost his strength and power. Judges 16:19-20.
15. Affliction and suffering.  Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden to hard labor.
16. To make your position to be given to another. A good example is Judas Iscariot.
17. Collective captivity.  
      The whole of Israel suffered for Achan's nakedness. Joshua 22:20. The whole of mankind is still suffering because of the nakedness of Adam and Eve.
1.    O Lord deliver me from my nakedness, in the name of Jesus.
2.    O Lord, save me and I shall be saved.

Revelation 16:15, Revelation 3:18
1.   Confess your sins and stay away from sin.
2.   Deal with the source of the nakedness. For example, take away the accursed thing like Joshua did to Achan.
3.   Replace scarlet clothes with white clothes.
4.   Pray inquiry prayers asking God to open your eyes to your true position in Christ.
5.   Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the Fire of God.
6.   Do not stray from God’s word and His will. Psalm 119:67, Hebrews 10:36.
7.    Be careful who you associate with.  Avoid unfriendly friends. Judges 2:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33.

1. Nakedness will not prosper in my life, in the name of Jesus.
2. Deliver me O Lord from my nakedness, in the name of Jesus.



Songs: 1. We conquered satan, we conquered demons.  2. I will rejoice o satan na you go shame.  3. Every power standing on my way. 4.  Super blood of Jesus, come and deliver me O.

1. I dash every dream of nakedness to the ground now, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every evil ladder given the enemy access to my life catch fire, be roasted to ashes. 
3.  I close every open door of attack into my life with the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
4.  Everything in my life making my enemies to laugh me to scorn come out and die.
5. Every owner of evil load of nakedness and shame, carry your load, in the name of Jesus.
6. O Lord, show my soul mercy, in the name of Jesus.
7. Let the power of the Living God destroy every garment of shame and nakedness assigned against me, in the name of Jesus.
8. O Lord save me and I shall be saved, in the name of Jesus. 
9. Fire from the mouth of the Lord, consume negative situations surrounding me, in the name of Jesus.
10.Every power promoting captivity in my life, die, in the name Jesus.
11. Every power pronouncing sudden death upon my life, die, in the name of Jesus.
12. Any evil umbrella covering my head, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
13. Yoke of satanic delay, break, in the name of Jesus.
14. Every power of shame directed against me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
15. Every agent of nakedness assigned against me, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
16. Dream acquired yokes, break, in the name of Jesus.
17. Plantation of darkness, die, in the name of Jesus.
18. Every witchcraft prayer working against me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
19. Every unseen fire burning in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.
20. Every gathering of slaughter, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
21. My life, disobey the voice of enchanters, in the name of Jesus.
22. Evil altars working against my life, receive divine judgment and be roasted.
23. I curse every curse sent against me and return them back to sender in the name of Jesus.
24. Every good thing that has been stolen from my life, I recover you back by fire, in the name of Jesus
25. Every conspiracy assigned to demote me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
26. Arise O Lord by your mercy and deliver me from my nakedness, in the name of Jesus.
27. Thank you Lord for delivering me.