Thursday, December 31, 2009



CONFESSION: Luke 10:19; Psalm 46; Deuteronomy 18:10-14.

HYMN:   1. Rock of Ages cleft for me 2. God can do anything but fail.
SONGS: 1. Every disaster fashioned against me backfire. 2. No harm, no harm, so you devil you can’t do me no harm. 

1.    I refuse to be food for the spider

2.    Every assignment of the enemy against my life, bere frustrated by the blood of Jesus

3.    Here I am Lord, transform me, in the name of Jesus.

4.    You my God ordained helper, whoever you are, wherever you are, arise and locate me by fire, in the name of Jesus.  

          Cobweb attacks are part of the arsenal of witchcraft and marine powers to render people, places, and things desolate.   Victims encounter them in their dreams as well as in the physical sometimes.    They may take over your property such as your car, your front door, and inside your house.  Sometimes the attack is not just against you alone but against your posterity forever.  They are anti-breakthrough powers and often occur at the edge of life changing breakthroughs such as marriage, getting document that will advance your life, and getting a profitable job.  This is because they are intended to block you from moving forward.   It could be that promising marital relationship and then you see your things and his covered with cobwebs.  It could be that business and then in a dream you see your briefcase which represents your business covered with cobwebs.   Cobwebs have a language of their own.  Sometimes they even use the cobwebs to mark a big “X” on your front door as you come back home.
1.    They manipulate people, things, and places.

a.    Can manipulate you to the wrong marriage

b.    Can manipulate you to the wrong house, job, church, and business.

c.    Can manipulate you to the wrong place to seek solution to your problems.

2.    They deposition a person by getting him/her out of alignment with God’s purpose and timing.

3.    They seek to put a person’s life on the shelf while they are still alive. 

4.    They want to make a project, an object or a person’s life stale.  

5.    They want to make you history while you are still alive.  Such a person is alive but everything about him is dead.  His business is dead, his marriage is dead, he has children but it is as if he does not have any.  His health is dead.  People start to say about such person, “He used to be the best student”; “He used to be very rich;” “She used to have so many suitors.”

6.    It is to render a person poor.

7.    It is a weapon of diversion.  They act as demonic roadblocks to force you to detour.  It is to make you turn to the right when you should be going straight.  It cleverly gets you off the path of progress and makes you take a road that will end in disaster. 
8.  It is to get you off the track that God has for you and put you on a road that God has not ordained for you to go. Say:

 I turn back from every unprofitable journey in the name of Jesus.

9.    It is to remove you from the roadmap that God has for you and get you busy chasing shadows. 

10.    They want to derail your destiny.

a.    They want to make you to lose your focus

b.    And be distracted by pursing alternatives contrary to God’s plans for your life. 

11. It is to bring confusion.

12. They act as embargos to prevent you from moving forward and making progress.


Witchcraft manipulations through evil cobwebs are done using the following means.
1.    Frustration and discouragement.

2.    Satanic delays

3.    Poverty

4.    Confusion

5.    Evil verdicts

6.    Satanic accusations

7.    Evil Counsel

8.    Satanic drivers

9.    Isolation

10. Caging its victims


The following are the symptoms of a life that is under the attack of demonic cobwebs.
1.    Backwardness

2.    Failure

3.    Stagnancy

4.    Hatred and lack of favor

5.    Miscarriage

6.    Impossibility

7.    Setbacks

8.    Lateness in goodness for example in getting married

9.    Failure at the edge of success

10. Disappointment

11. Non achievement

12.  Rejection

13. Sickness

14. Barrenness and unfruitfulness

15. Sorrow and pain

16. They all to make all would be helpers to abandon you

17. They cause frustration.

18. They bring desolation.


1.    Make God your friend by getting born again so that He can fight for you

2.    Flee from sin

3.    Find out the source of the attack by asking God where cobwebs came from.  They are evil load and this will enable you to return them back to the sender

4.    Reverse evil verdicts and decrees issued against your life

5.    Wage war against witchcraft attacks using warfare prayers

6.    Break the covenants and curses backing up the cobwebs

7.    Send fire to the spots where the cobwebs are located to

a.    Kill the spiders that are behind the cobwebs

b.    Scatter and born the cobwebs

8.    Barricade your life with the fire of God and the blood of Jesus to prevent reinforcement.

Hymn: O the blood of Jesus  

Song: 1. All shakable must be shaken, all movable keep on moving

2. Kingdom come by power by fire

1.          Let the thunder of God locate and dismantle every witchcraft cobweb in my household.

2.          Let every witchcraft cobweb in my household be roasted, in the name of Jesus.

3.          Let the altar of witchcraft cobweb in my household be roasted, in the name of Jesus.

4.          Every satanic cobweb barking against my breakthroughs be roasted.

5.          Every household strongman using cobweb to block my way be roasted.

6.          Every witchcraft spider flying contrary to my destiny fall down and die.

7.          I release myself from every curse of cobweb working against me, in the name of Jesus.

8.          Every wicked spider installed against me be overthrown, in the name of Jesus.

9.          Every agent of cobweb fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

10.        Every satanic spider delegated to covering my way with spider cobweb be roasted by fire.

11.        Every hostile person who wants to imprison my wealth with cobwebs I bind you.

12.        Every cobweb arrester receive blindness, in the name of Jesus.

13.        Every power of spider cobweb blocking my physical and spiritual progress, fall down and die.

14.        Every power rearranging my problems through cobweb fall down and die.

15.        Every power of spider cobweb contributing stubbornness to my problem fall down and die.

16.        I refuse to be diverted from the path of blessing through cobweb, in the name of Jesus.

17.        Every cobweb in my head, hands, face, body, feet, mouth, roast by fire.

18.        Every trap set for me by cobweb begin to catch your owners, in the name of Jesus.

19.        Every spider padlock fashioned against any area of my life be roasted.

20.        I break myself loose from every bondage of cobweb covenant, in the name of Jesus.

21.        Any cobweb coffin where any of my blessings are hidden be roasted.

22        Every evil ever done to me through cobweb attacks be reversed, in the name of Jesus.


Unknown said...

To God be the Glory forever Amen!!!I was truly bless and share it with my colleagues, sister. God will elevate you and increase your ministry in Jesus Name Amen

Unknown said...

To God be the Glory forever Amen!!!I was truly bless and share it with my colleagues, sister. God will elevate you and increase your ministry in Jesus Name Amen

Pastor Morayo said...

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Thank you Brother Victor. Remain blessed and highly favored in Jesus name.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Morayo

Moyo said...

Thank you ma,for the prayer points,am really blessed may God continueto bless your ministry and use you for his glory in Jesus name.Amen! I would love to have your email address.Thank you

Foomie said...

Amen...I sincerely took d prayer points and I know my prayers are being answered. On my way to church yesterday, while walking I saw cobwebs but I immediately rebuked it by d blood of Jesus.pls, pray for me!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I searched for cobwebs deliverance prayer because of the i saw this morning, and am blessed to find this powerful one. May God bless you Pastor Morayo.

Unknown said...

I searched for cobwebs deliverance prayer because of the i saw this morning, and am blessed to find this powerful one. May God bless you Pastor Morayo.

Unknown said...

Thank u lord for edposing the plans of the evil ones

Morayo said...

You are welcome my brother. They have already failed and will continue to fail. They are under your feet and will remain there in the mighty name of Jesus. Be blessed.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Morayo

Unknown said...

Be blessed in Jesus Christ's name. The Lord our God has won the victory. The Lord has given us power to trample upon scorpions and serpents and over all the power of the enemy. Glory to God for this indescribable gift!

Unknown said...

I found this piece explanatory and helpful. Thank you ma and more anointing in Jesus name.

Unknown said...

Calvary love to you ma. Thank God i came over this page and the powerful prayer point against cobwed. The cobwed always cross my forehead in the physical. Pls ma I need more of your prayers. Shalom.

Unknown said...

God bless you ma.
I usually use the prayers in your website to pray when I want to pray especially midnight prayers. I mistakenly clicked on another prayer point when this one on Cobwebs pop up.
Thank you ma.
Pls ma do you give personalized prayer points for ppl based on their situation?
Thank you.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for this prayer

Unknown said...

God bless you for making yourself available for God to reveal this secret of the enemy. God bless u richly

Unknown said...

Ma, please pray for me. Have been facing this cobwebs issue for so long. It still occurred to me this morning. The person at the front didn't encountered it, but me that was behind him did. This has been happening like this to me. Please pray for me. God bless you.

Unknown said...

In fact am short of words may almighty God bless you ma for the good work you're doing and increase your anointing higher and higher shall you go in Jesus name Amen. And no evil shall come your way, non of your own will experience it in Jesus name Amen.

Unknown said...

I thank the Almighty God who by the Holy spirit led us (myself and my sister) to this link, I was at a point I did not know how to deal or handle what was before me. In my house, door way, stair case, MY CAR, car side mirror cabwebs keep disturbing me, I was even bitten by one while washing my car. I dint have the spiritual insight and knowledge to know what it meant and the implications until about a week ago that a prophetess revealed all i have been experiencing that am covered all over with cabwebs. And since the revelation a week ago, it had become even more intense to the point that I get cabwebs attack on the road and on open dualized roadways.
Today marks a turnaround with this kind of prayer I discovered to fight and to distroy the enemies agenda against my physical and spiritual life.
I thank you for your ministry, the Almighty will continue to empower you and direct solution seekers to this kind of need to your site, God bless you.

Unknown said...

I thank you pastor for this deliverance teaching and prayers point of evil cobwebs attack. I strongly believed that am free from the cobwebs attack.

Anonymous said...

God bless you ma, for this prayer point s against cobweb, the lord will continue to give you wisdom and knowledge to expose the devils attacks on humanity, your anointing shall continue to flow

Frederick odai said...

Thanks and God bless and increase the oil on you. I have been experiencing this cabweb attack almost everyday. Thanks for the prayer points. Will pray with it tonight.

Unknown said...

This is liberatory, more anointing ma

Lincoln180 said...

I decree in the name of Jesus that is above all other names. The Lord will add more fire into your bones. More anointing in Jesus name.

Unknown said...

please pray for me ma I always had cobweb attack every night but when its day break I won't am tired of this ma

vano said...

Brother let's pray

vano said...

Pastor Morayo I been praying and when I pray this prayer pointing I don't feel nothing crawling in my body but when I stop I feel some on my legs sometimes , can you give help me understand why that keeps happening please ?

Unknown said...

Thank you ma. I have the faith that I'm delivered from cobwebs

Unknown said...

Please pray for me. I'm be experienced this cobwebs .

Owolabi oluwole ayoola said...

Please ma pray for me am experiencing this attack while have struggles here and there for way out.I believe in this also but need more word and explanation with you ma thank you so much.

Bobby Hansen said...