Monday, July 13, 2015


SCRIPTURES: Genesis 1:6-7; Psalm 124:1-6; Isaiah 27.

CONFESSION: Psalm 8; Luke 10:19

HYMN:   1. Rock of Ages cleft for me 2. God can do anything but fail.

SONGS: 1. Every disaster fashioned against me, backfire. 2. No harm, no harm,                       so you devil you can’t do me no harm

1.    I command all marine gadgets assigned against me to catch fire, in Jesus name.
2.    All monitoring and surveillance satellites anywhere being used against me catch fire.
3.     Every gang up of darkness against my life and family, scatter by thunder in Jesus name.
4.    Today, O Lord, visit all enemies from the marine and water kingdom with thunder, storm, tempest, and flames of devouring fire, in the name of Jesus.


According to Psalm 8, God has given me dominion over the works of His hands.  I am a new creation in Christ Jesus and by virtue of that everything is under my feet.   The water, the land, the forest, the desert are all under my feet.  In the name of Jesus, I have Calvary dominion over all things in the heavens, in the earth, under the water in the name of Jesus.  How excellent indeed is your name O Lord.  You are worthy of our praise. 


There is a whole world under the water known as the marine kingdom.  The demonic powers that operate out of this kingdom are known as marine powers.  They employ marine spirits to war against individuals, families, governments and even continents.  In most cultures of the world there is ancestral worship of marine deities.  As a result of this, family members are dedicated to them.  The dedication normally extends to generations yet unborn.  This goes on indefinitely until you renounce it and separate yourself from the evil umbrella that is covering your whole family line.  This is what is called collective captivity where members of a particular family experience the same problems and bondages. There is a collective captivity marine vehicle carrying the whole family where God has not ordained for them to go.  You as a child of God need to use the blood of Jesus to separate your life from that evil marine vehicle of your family. 


v  There are three spiritual realms in the universe.  These are the heavenlies, the earth, and the waters.
v  We should exercise dominion in all three realms because God has given us dominion over the works of His hands. Psalm 8.
v  God created the land from the waters.
v  Water spirits and marine powers operate out of the waters.
v  Water spirits can easily be used against a person because
o   85% of the world is water
o   70-75% of a human being consists of water
v  Everything that God created was for the benefit of man but the fall of man changed that:
o   It introduced curses where God had originally planned only blessing.
v  The fall of Lucifer and his been thrown out of heaven with his fallen angels, further compounded the problems.

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12.

v  There are terrible witchcraft activities against people, communities, and even countries, in the marine world.
v   Marine powers are worshipped in most parts of the world.  Many have made trans- generational covenants with these powers.  There is normally a queen in the water that is worshipped such as Yemoja which means mother of the children of the fish, Olokun, which means mother of the sea, and others.  There is also a king in the waters that is worshipped.  Say:

Every evil queen and king in the water demanding for my worship, you are a liar, fall down and die.

v  The marine world just like other departments in satan’s kingdom is very well organized.
v  There are:
o   Marine Altars
o   Priests that:
§  Maintain the marine altars
§  Supervise evil covenants between marine powers and their victims including evil dedication to marine powers
§  Offer sacrifices to and supervise the worship of marine spirits
§  Initiate people into various marine societies such as mermaid society
§  Use marine animals including crocodiles and serpents to harass people.
o   Marine strongmen that enforce these covenants and enforce sanctions if they are broken.  They show up in the dream to deal mercilessly with victims.  A marine strongman may be a serpent.  When they sexually violate you they take the appearance of men.

v  The influence of water spirits can be felt everywhere.  They control commerce. They manipulate governments, and they have infiltrated deep into the church. 
v  Their agents go after top leaders in the government, business and even the church.

Prayer: Every marine agent on assignment to pull me down, sword of the Lord, locate them and destroy them now, in the name of Jesus.

v  Several so called “churches” and “ministers” derive their power from the marine world. Most of the miracles, signs, and wonders are marine powered.  This is a very common problem these days so one needs to really seek God before going to any place to worship or even visit.  Matthew 24:24. 

1.   I refuse to surrender to the enemy in the name of Jesus.
2.   I will not be defeated by the devil, I will extol myself, in Jesus name.


1.    Marine powers possess and use serious monitoring and surveillance powers.
2.    They have very well organized networks that can infiltrate anywhere.
3.    They use marine chains and padlocks to chain and padlock different areas of a person’s life and destiny.
4.    They fire arrows from the waters into people’s lives.  These arrows introduce problems such as sickness, insanity, and poverty into such lives.
5.    Marine materials and deposits are transferred into people by their agents through such avenues as sex, food, and sharing of clothes and other personal effects.
6.     Pollute people through sex and other avenues.
7.    Use images and effigies to manipulate and control people.

Prayer: Every image and effigy representing me in the marine kingdom, I separate myself from you, catch fire and die.

8.    Maintain evil altars from where they launch their attacks.
9.    There are marine priests, marine snakes and other marine animals such as crocodile (also known as the leviathan) that operate from marine altars to manipulate, bewitch, and afflict.
10. They control and regulate nations, families, and individuals. They program and project evil things into people including animals, moving objects, heat, and sicknesses into people.

Prayer: Every evil priest manipulating my destiny with marine witchcraft, fall    
down and die.
11. They maintain warehouses where people’s goodness, benefits, and virtues are stored. 
12. They also have prisons and courts under the water where they imprison their victims and issue judgment on them.
13. Many stars are buried in marine burial grounds located in the homes of marine agents and under the waters.
14. There are marine witchcraft covens under the water where people are summoned, and evil decisions and judgments are made.

Prayer: Every marine judgment and decisions ever taken against me, be revised by the blood of Jesus.

15. Marine agents use gifts to ensnare their victims.

Prayer: Any gift that will make marine agents and powers to dominate me, I reject you, catch fire. 

16. Marine agents possess very strong monitoring powers and know when their victims have opened the doors for attacks through such door openers as discouragement, evil confessions, and lies.
17. Marine agents steal precious things from people and they operate very fast.  Once they know that the doors are open they quickly come in and steal. They steal various things including breakthroughs, position, virtues, wealth and possessions.
18. Encounters with marine agents bring terrible oppression and afflictions. They can even make a person to go insane.
19. Marine agents are adept at carrying out evil transfers.  They can take the robust health of their victim and transfer it to someone who is sick.  They in return transfer the sickness to the man from whom they stole the good health.
20. They can also transfer sickness, untimely death, bad luck and other things from their own lives to the lives of others.

Prayer: I reject every evil transfer of…………..(Fill in the following: untimely death, sickness, insanity, poverty, etc.)

21. They use the lives of others to elongate their own lives. 

Prayer: Every man or woman, boy or girl, that want to use my life to elongate their live, your time is up, die after the order of Haman. 

22. Marine agents specialize in using evil pots to harass peoples’ lives.  They use it to suck people’s goodness and to introduce and keep problems and sicknesses in place.  The water from such cauldrons is used to pollute people’s lives and destiny.
Declare: I cancel every evil appointment with marine agents in the mighty name of Jesus.


There are various ways that marine spirits can enter a person’s life to afflict, oppress, and even possess.  These include the following:

1.    Consulting marine agents posing as false priests, ministers, prophets, and pastors.
2.    Evil dedication to marine powers.
3.    Evil initiation into marine societies.
4.    Visiting white garment churches
5.    Evil association through contact with marine agents that initiate people through eating their food, having sex with them, sharing clothes and personal property with them. 
6.    Family, village, or territorial ancestral worship of and dedication to marine deities and idols such as Olokun, queen of the coast.  Even If this was done generations back you have to renounce and break the dedication in order to be set back.
7.    Evil ancestral covenants
8.    Your mother worshipped them while pregnant with you.
9.   Bathed with polluted waters at birth or with concoctions from the waters
10. Your first bath water used for rituals in the waters.

Prayer: Any link between me and any river, break by fire. 

11. Through satanically inspired music
12. Evil association through careless friendship
13. Reveal your secrets to marine agents through talkativeness.
14. Age group local festival at river banks.
15. River initiation
16. Things from your body thrown into the water. These trigger evil covenants with water spirits.
17. Sacrifice carried to the river either by you or on your behalf.
18.  Keeping vigil by the river and burning incense and candles.
19. Your placenta was buried in the waters.  It fell into the hands of marine powers because it was not properly disposed of.  The proper way to dispose of it is to burn it. 
20. Marriage to spirit spouses from the waters.  Some people move about as men and women but they are actually from the waters.   Their parents got them from the waters and though they live among us they are not human. 
21. Receiving gifts from water demons.
22. Evil laying on of hands.  Marine agents had access to your head.  These include demonic barbers, pastors, priests, kings, etc.
23. Employing marine agents or living in their house either as a tenant or as a visitor.
24. Living, working, or doing business on land dedicated to marine powers.


1.    Dreams of water such as oceans or rivers.
2.    Dream of swimming in the water, meaning your fire has gone down and they have succeeded in reinitiating and rededicating you.  You have to break all evil dedication
3.    You have a stubborn and vicious spirit husband or wife.
4.    Seeing marine animals in your dream such as crocodile, water turtles, crabs, and serpents
5.    Attack by marine snakes.
6.    Hardship
7.    Prayers and fasting become very difficult.
8.    Leads people into spiritual marriage which have terrible repercussions.
9.    Cause delay and difficulty in getting married and failure in earthly marriage.
10. They demand for your worship and make your life hell if you do not give it.
11. Cause poverty as they confiscate your money and bank it under the waters.
12. Terrible dreams attacks including sex in the dream.
13. Encounters with spirit spouse and spirit children.
14. Miscarriages and barrenness.
15. Unexplainable hindrances to progress.
16. Uncontrollable sexual urges
17. Unexplainable failure where there should be success particularly after evil sex encounters in the dream.


1.    Repent from all known sins and flee rebellion.
2.    Surrender your life to and rededicate your life to God.
3.    Repent and restitute if necessary.
4.    Renounce and break all evil initiations and dedications.
5.    Raise prayer altars against them. Bombarding prayers is required here.
6.    Ensure you are living a holy life and that you do not have their materials in your possession. These include their robes, candles, creams, soap, sponge, mirrors, and incense. 
7.    Employ your spiritual weapons to battle them including the name of Jesus, the sword of the Lord, lightning, thunder, and tempest.
8.    Go for deliverance periodically to ensure that they do not regroup against you.


Hymn: There is power mighty in the blood

Song: 1. Kingdom come by power by fire 2. All shakable must be shaken. 3. I plead the blood the blood of Jesus. 4. My inner man receive fire, become fire, vomit fire.

1. I renounce and break every evil dedication to marine and water spirits.
2. I break the backbone of marine witchcraft militating against my life.
3. Marine deposits in my body, come out with all your roots now, in the name of Jesus.
4. You stubborn marine spirit spouse, be separated from me by the power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every marine item in my possession, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every problem that has come into my life through contact with any marine agent, receive divine solution by the blood of Jesus.
7. All my virtues and goodness in the waters, jump out and locate me now.
8. Marine witchcraft verdicts and judgments against me, back fire, in the name of Jesus.
9. Anything programed into my life from the waters, jump out and backfire.
10. Any serpent dispatched against me from the waters, bite your-self to death.
11. Any power burning evil candles and incense against me, die with your evil load.
12. Every marine priest ministering at any evil altar against my life, fall down and die now.
13. I separate myself from every ancestral covenant with water spirits by the power in the blood of Jesus.
14. Every evil materials transferred into my body through contact with marine witchcraft agents, catch fire and be burnt to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
15. Lord Jesus, baptize my life with Holy Ghost fire that cannot be insulted, in the name of Jesus.
16. Every arrow shot into my life by witchcraft powers from the waters, I soak you in the blood of Jesus and return you back to sender.
17. Every marine witchcraft chain binding my hands and feet from prospering, be broken and shattered to pieces.
18. Every marine witchcraft burial of my life, be reversed by the blood of Jesus.
19. I release my life from the grip of marine witchcraft powers.
20. I smash every witchcraft pot and concoction being used against me to irreparable pieces.
21. I break all marine witchcraft mirrors being used to monitor my life to pieces.
22. O Lord, begin to contend with all those who are contending against me and my family.
23. I pursue, I overtake and I recover all my possessions from marine witchcraft covens.
24. Every evil done against me by marine witchcraft be reversed by the blood of Jesus.


Victor Chucks Jim said...

I love this write up.. God bless you Pastor Morayo

David Okala Igwe said...

This is good.More grace in Jesus name.Amen

Pastor Morayo said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My prayer for you is that God will always keep you steps ahead of your enemies in Jesus name. Receive permanent deliverance from marine and water spirits in the name of Jesus. Be blessed.

Pastor Morayo

Victor Chucks Jim said...

Amen and Amen

Anonymous said...

Pastor Morayo,

Praise Jesus!

I live in India and I am a victim of marine witchcraft. It is a seven headed water spirit that is troubling me and my family (we are seven of us - parents and five children). I need to write to you in detail;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this message. I believe we belong to the same Ministry; yet for some months now every night I sleep and see myself in strange ie unknown places with strange people. This night all my property in a strange room was immersed in water that flooded the room. I took the suitcases out; the contents weren't soaked. I wanted to leave the area where I was butI kept going round and someone was about showing me the way out when I woke up

Unknown said...

Bless God

Unknown said...

For all this posts and prayer points, and exposing marine powers, and activities. May God almighty continue to lift you up,empower you, as u decrease in him. I am a serious victim of marine power, I never new until I be came 34 years old. There something that happened in the dream, and u just ignore it or enjoy it. There is more important need to say. I would like to speak to u, or visit your church. Please please please.


Victor Chucks Jim said...

There is nothing as enjoying SUCH bandages @Debra... You need a lot of prayer and that you need really quickly. The fact that you are reading this means you want out.. And Jesus can set you free he did it for me and many others... He can do it again and again. GOD BLESS YOU

Unknown said...

Thank you Jesus by the blood to blood prayers I love you lord Jesus Amen

Unknown said...

Thank you Jesus by the blood to blood prayers I love you lord Jesus Amen

Happiness Inawo said...

Thanks a lot Pastor

Svetlana said...

Pastor Morayo, thanks for posting, I am greatly blessed. I pray that you fight a good fight of faith,finish your course, and keep the faith until the time of your departure to meet the Lord Jesus Christ: May you never miss the crown of righteousness laid up for you, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give unto all them that love his appearing. Great Work..

Unknown said...

I really want to be free from water spirit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glory be to God
Please pastor Morayo I must speak with you on phone
Type me your contact or just give me a flash on +2348072577848
I must be delivered from marine and water spirits in Jesus name amen

CHEEKAH said...

How can I speak to you pastor.. you have no contact here.

CHEEKAH said...

How can I speak to you pastor.. you have no contact here.

Ogbughalu Godwin said...

This is a powerful exposition. God bless you and increase your word bank in Jesus Name

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Unknown said...



Please pray for me that the spirit of delay will be broken from my life.


Christlike said...

Blessings to you man of God, thanks for all your info, I just start researching about it because of some dreams I've been getting about rat transforming into humans and crocodile and dreaming about dead people sleeping with the living which disturb me.i know God is able to reverse every force on assignment in the name of Jesus Christ

Christlike said...

Blessings to you Pastor , thanks for all your info, I just start researching about it because of some dreams I've been getting about rat transforming into humans and crocodile and dreaming about dead people sleeping with the living which disturb me.i know God is able to reverse every force on assignment in the name of Jesus Christ

Pastor Morayo said...

Good Evening Christlike,

Those are serious dreams you are having. You need some prayers to help you deal with them. Please send me an email at and I will send you the prayers.

Remain blessed.

Pastor Morayo

Heather said...

Hello ... Ive lived in India & think I have encountered these things ... is there anything u can share with me that will help ?

Pastor Morayo said...

Good Morning Sister,

Please email me at and give me a summary of what you are experiencing. That will enable me to help you by zeroing in on the issues that you are encountering.
Every issue that you could possible have has already being resolved at Calvary. So there is a hope and solution for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Morayo

Unknown said...

I have been a victim of this for a long time. Serpents biting me in the dream to a point of screaming. Sometimes I close my eyes just to see a snake and am frightened in just seconds I wake up.

seun said...

Thank you for the prayers. God bless you

Unknown said...

Snakes frightened me in the dream you shout holighost fire it multiplies.i have alot encounters but .I need freedom

Unknown said...

Thanks very much Man of God and Pastor. This is great knowledge you have shared on a very difficult subject. May God continue to give you wisdom

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

So blessed

Moneyzgang said...

This epic! pastor thank you.Right of God is power May God almighty uplift you with his right hand of power and also deliver all from every marine attack through the prevailing Precious Blood of Jesus christ Amen.

Unknown said...

Good day pastor

I woke up this morning with feeling I'm under marine spirit influence. This is as a result of series of terrible dream I'm having. Just last night in the dream, I saw deadly marine snake coming after me which made me flew up the sky. After several beatings the snake refuse to die.

Reflecting over my life, my relationship is in shambles. I Also felt this issue of unexplainable hindrance in the time of my breakthrough.

I already declared seven days praying and fasting for myself deliverance before I stumbled upon your site. After reading your articles, I strongly believe in my heart that I'm free from every demonic marine spirit or agent, in Jesus name. Amen
God bless you Pastor Morayo

strategist said...

what a world. Jesus is the answer to every problems. try as much as possible to kill every discouragement, fear, doubt, unbelief about the word of God. there is the power of God. so yourself with it through the your spirit. every powers is under your feet because you have been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord AND Savior.
the finger of the LORD MOST HIGH is upon us all. walk in dominion and overcome by His Blood.

God's name, word, salvation, righteousness, holiness, loving-kindness, kingdom, dominion, compassion, mercy, loving, and glory are for ever more.

praise God now and forever more.

thank you dear Victor for your time to compiled this insightful message; spiritually inspired. may God Alimigthy strenthen you through and through body, soul and spirit in Jesus highly exalted name. Amen.

Unknown said...

He delivered me from early death. Sickness and financial ruin. However now that I have come back to my husband the covenant is re-newing.The evil priest of my family is still alive could that be why?

Unknown said...

I have worked out that the covenant my ancestors made had a condition of no children and no marriage. It seems to have been in turn for financial wealth.

My husband is not saved and the marine spirit is working through him.

I noticed when we separate and he doesn't come to visit we are fine but once he visits we come under severe attack.

May this information help someone to understand what they are going through. It took me 8 years with God's help n mfm teachings to know this.

May God now teach me how to break the covenant so I don't lose my marriage.

Christlike said...

Stubborn situation in our lives can only be broken through sincere fasting and Prayer, Daniel fasted and pray for 21 days before his prayer was answered, esther call a 3 day fast before the decree was reversed, we have to deny ourselves of food and seek the face of God and our situation will change,there is no power that is greater than the power of our God, believe and he will come through for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Pastor Morayo. I see snakes, crocodiles, streams in my dreams and I know these are evidences of marine witchcraft attacks. I see names like loveboat, marina, and I see myself interacting with strange and familiar faces, sometimes with very tall creatures. I am confident of Isaiah 49:25-26 and I see freedom. Thanks for this piece

Oluwa Shocker said...

Thank you very much pastor, this your write up have lifted me above every marine spirit, God bless you pastor, i pray God give you more wisdom and Grace. thank you once more.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It has happened to me before too. Seeing extremely tall creatures and seeing names like marina etc are symptoms of marine spirits attack