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SCRIPTURES: Galatians 3:13, 14, Colossians 2:13-15, Galatians 6:17.

HYMNS: 1. Search me O Lord and know my heart today. 2. There is power in the blood.

SONGS: 1. Jesus breaks all the fetters.  2. There is power mighty in the blood.  3. He holds the keys to my life.


You need this message if:

1.    You keep seeing a particular person that you had dealings with in the past in your dreams.
2.    You were involved in an unholy relationship with anyone such as men, women, parents and pastors. 
3.    You are currently involved in an unholy relationship.
4.   You keep seeing yourself in places that you resided or visited in the past, particularly places where traumatic things happened to you.
5.   You have been involved in unholy sexual relationships with the members of the opposite sex, same sex, animals, sex assistance gadgets and tools. 

1.    Every door in my life opened for the operation of evil soul ties, close by the blood of Jesus. 
2.    Fire of God, purify my spirit, soul, and body.
3.    By the power in the blood of Jesus, I release myself from the hold of any bewitched relationship.
4.    By the power in the blood of Jesus, I break loose from every strange authority ruling in my life and destiny.
5.    Every power remotely controlling my affections, lose your hold and die in the name of Jesus.


       There are healthy and good soul ties.  A good example is the soul tie between David and Jonathan.   1 Samuel 20:3-17.  Another example is the bond between Naomi and her daughter in law, Ruth. Ruth 1:14-17.   On the other hand, there are evil soul ties.  These are unhealthy soul ties which put and keep people in bondage. A good example is the destructive soul tie that developed between Ammon the son of King David and his sister Tamar. 2 Samuel 13:1-15.  The unhealthy situation continues until these evil soul ties are broken through prayers, counseling, and deliverance.  

An evil soul tie is:

1.    An unholy attachment to a person, place or thing such as:
a.    Parents
b.    Siblings
c.    Previous and current boyfriends and girlfriends
d.    People of the same or of opposite sex.
e.    Dead relatives
f.     Religious groups
g.    Cults
2.    An unholy bonding whether conscious or unconscious.  They may be hidden but continue to affect your life and relationships negatively.
3.     An unholy relationship with a church, its pastors, and the members. This could be from manipulations by demonic authorities within the church through occult means such as incantations and enchantments.
4.    An unholy relationship with spirit beings such as spirit husbands and family idols.  This often is accompanied by sex in the dream.
5.    An evil covenant that keeps perpetuating itself until it is properly broken.

     1. I release myself from every unprofitable relationship and friendship, by the           power in the blood of Jesus.
     2. Every unconscious and conscious evil covenant working against my life,                break by the blood of Jesus.


1.    Evil soul ties result in negative affections towards others. 
2.    Evil soul ties are uncontrollable emotions towards others.
3.    Evil soul ties put you in bondage.
4.    Evil soul ties can be overt or hidden. They can be conscious or unconscious. 
5.    Evil soul ties indicate that unholy covenants are in operation and need to be broken.
6.    Evil soul ties show that emotions have been wounded and need to be healed and restored.
7.    Evil soul ties flow both ways.  It can flow from you towards others and it can also be from others towards you.
8.    They tie you down to your past and make new relationships difficult or even impossible until they are broken.
9.    Evil soul ties can turn a person into an idol in your heart and life.  2 Samuel 13:1-2.
10. Evil soul ties when it gets to the extreme can make you to offend God.  This is because God does not want us to have any idol or put anyone or anything before Him.  God is a jealous God and is jealous over everything in our lives including emotions, feelings, and relationships.
11. Dark powers can use an evil soul tie to manipulate an otherwise healthy relationship.
12. It is like a rope tying you to a person, place, relationship, or thing even against your will.
13. Evil soul ties are very stubborn and can be difficult to break.


1.    Bewitchment.
2.    Unholy and immoral sex outside of godly and biblical marriage.  This could be with the opposite sex, same sex, with animals, and with sex toys.
3.    Past failed relationships particularly when they were not properly ended.  You have to consciously and prayerfully let go of them.
4.    Spiritual marriages to spirit spouse are still in place that need to be dissolved through proper deliverance and prayers.  Examples are spiritual marriage to idols, siblings, parents, etc.
5.    Childhood abuse including emotional and sexual abuse.
6.     Rape and other sexual violations.
7.    Harassment by familiar spirits.
8.    Spiritual violations such as demonic initiations and dedications to idols.  Dedication to idols marries you off to them and this leads to the forming of evil soul ties with them and sex in the dream. 
9.    Inordinate relationships that involve parents, siblings, friends, and school mates.
10. Manipulative parents.
11. Living in demonic or polluted buildings and environments.
12. Involvement in witchcraft and marine bondages.
13. The presence of negative spirits such as spirit of infirmity and sickness, poverty, barrenness, insanity, demotion, non­-achievement, and failure.

Prayer: I bind, break, and renounce every evil hidden soul ties affecting my life in the name of Jesus


1.    Evil soul ties exercise undue influence over a person’s life.
2.    Evil soul ties can prevent or hinder the actual God ordained relationships for your life.
3.    Evil soul ties can cause marital distress.
4.    Evil soul ties can cause error and mistakes and divert you into wrong relationships.
5.    Evil soul ties cause uncontrollable sexual errors and wrong decisions.
6.    They fuel sexual dreams which trigger problems in the physical life such as abortion of goodness. They enemy uses sexual dreams to steal good things from their victims.
7.    They adversely affect a person’s marriage if they are not broken and renounced before marriage.
8.    They can introduce confusion into a person’s until they are broken.  You may even be unable to understand your own actions as you will yourself doing irrational things.
9.    Stagnancy in relationships.     

Prayer: I bind and break every evil yoke working against my life in Jesus name.


1.    Constant flashbacks and dreams about a particular relationship, individual, thing, or place.
2.    Inability to let go of a relationship that is over or that is going nowhere.
3.    Unholy dreams about a particular person that do not align with what is happening in the physical.
4.    Inability to have success or move forward in new relationships despite all your glorious expectations and all the efforts put into it.  This indicates that you are still holding on to an old relationship.  Until you close that door new relationship are unlikely to work.   This is particularly true if bewitchment was involved in the previous relationship.
5.    Sex in the dream.


1.    Repent from and deal with all known sins.
2.    Surrender your life to Christ.
3.    Forgive all those that have hurt, rejected, and disappointed you.
4.    Forgive yourself.
5.    Go for deliverance if possible
6.    Pray inquiry prayers to discover the source of your problems
7.    Make a list of all the people, places, and things to which you have related in an unholy way.
8.    Bind and break evil soul ties with them one by one.  Please take time to mention their names one by one and break the evil ties.   Do not lump them together.  

Prayer: I bind and break every evil foundational yoke working against my life in Jesus name.

9.    Do not be discouraged.  Always remember that our Lord Jesus Christ has already paid the price for your freedom from all bondage.  Galatians 3:13, 14.
10. Live a holy life.  Do not go back to Egypt again or go back to your old vomit. 2 Peter 2:22.
11. Close all open doors.  Return everything in your possession that came from any unholy relationship such as gifts from Sugar daddies and Sugar mommies, evil associates, boyfriends and other unholy sexual partners. Get rid of polluted items that you collected from polluted churches and other unholy sources.
12. Pray prayer of restoration to recover all that evil soul ties have destroyed and stolen from your life.
13. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God to prevent regrouping from the stubborn spirits perpetuating  evil soul ties.


Songs: 1. Lay your hands on me with your mighty power.  2. There is power in the blood 3. You are the pillar that holds my life. 4. In Jesus name every knee shall bow.

1. Thank you Father for your power that is able to deliver from every form of bondage.
2. Use Psalm 32 and Psalm 51 to confess and pray for the forgiveness of your sins.
3. By the blood of Jesus, I remove myself from any strange authority, in the name of Jesus.
4. I remove myself from all evil soul ties and affections by the power in the blood of Jesus.
5. I bind and break every ungodly relationship by the blood of Jesus.
6. I renounce, break, and loose myself from all demonic subjection to any relationship.
7. I remove all mind control manipulations between me and any friend, family member, or evil authority figure, in the name of Jesus.
8. I claim deliverance from any negative affection toward anyone.
9. Let every evil affections towards me be wiped off the mind of (mention the person’s name) in the name of Jesus.
9. Pick from the list below and say, “I break and renounce you in the name of Jesus.”

Evil soul ties that I have or have had with:

- evil family members (mention their names)                       - past and present friends       
- sorcerers and witch doctors  - spouse                                  - preachers
- evil authority figures            - spirit spouse                         - evil societies
- doctors                                  - religious leaders                  - dead relatives
- dead friends                          - any house                             - any animal
- family idols and shrines       - occult persons                      - demonic church
- demonic school                    - marine kingdom                   - witchcraft powers
- familiar spirits                      - gluttony                                - spirit of demotion
- demonic caterers                  - spirit poverty                        - spirit of infirmity and sickness
- spirit  of insanity                   - spirit of death                       - graveyard spirits

10. Blood of Jesus remove, cleanse, and purge the effect of every evil soul tie away from my life and destiny.
11. I claim my complete deliverance from all negative affections towards anyone living or dead.
12.  Blood of Jesus wash away all witchcraft handwriting in my life, in the name of Jesus.
13. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I submit my affections, emotions, desires, to the control of the Holy Spirit.   

14. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.
15. Sing "I am forever grateful for your love," or any other thanksgiving song.

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