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SCRIPTURES: Ezekiel 16:6.

CONFESSIONS: Job 5:12, Luke 10:18-49, Isaiah 54:17.

SONGS: 1. Covenant keeping God there is no one like You. You are Alpha and Omega. There is no one like You.  2. Lift Jesus higher Lift Him up for the world to see.  3. Higher, higher, higher, lift my Jesus higher O. 4.  I am a living testimony

HYMNS:  1.  As the deer panteth for the waters so my soul longeth after You.
                            2. There is power in the blood                                  

1.   Anything representing me on any evil altar, I separate myself from you now and I command you to catch fire and burn to ashes, in Jesus name.
2.   Pollution in my roots, clear away by the power in the blood of Jesus.
3.   Every power monitoring my life for evil, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
4.   Witchcraft animals assigned against my life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
5.  Holy Ghost fire, locate and destroy every weapon of witchcraft fashioned against me.


The devil and his cohorts delight in spoiling and polluting people’s lives as a means of carrying out their evil agenda of killing, stealing, and destroying.  John 10:10. Satanic poisoning is one of the ways in which they do this.  Satanic poisoning can occur physically or in the spirit often through dreams.  Just like you have physical symptoms when you eat polluted poisoned food in the physical, so also you have symptoms when you are exposed to satanic poisoning wither in the dream or in the physical.  When you are exposed to satanic poisoning, the effect first registers in the spirit realm.   If it is not dealt with, it then manifests in the physical.  Most of the time satanic poisoning is through direct access to a person’s blood.  If this is not given the urgent attention that is needed to neutralize its effect on such a life, it can result speedily in untimely death.  Therefore, the topic before us today should be taken very seriously. It is important that we know when our spirit, soul, or body has been poisoned.  It is even more important that we know how to quickly address it so it does not get out of hands to kill, steal, and destroy good things or to take our lives.  Poisoning results from coming in contact with poison. What then is “poison?”
1.                                Poison is a substance that causes harm.
2.                                Poison is a foreign object that gets into a person’s life.
3.                                Poison can kill sometimes instantaneously.
4.                                Poison pollutes and contaminates. 
5.                                Poison destroys a person’s organs and life.
6.                               Poison corrupts a person’s spirit, soul, and body, including the blood, the brain, the liver,                kidneys and other body parts.
7.                               Poison is an evil deposit in a person’s body.
8.                               Poison is referred to as a stranger in the body in the Bible.  Psalm 18:45.

1.                   I vomit every poison that I have swallowed.
2.                   Blood of Jesus, flush out every poison in my system.

Satanic poison can come into a person’s life through different means.  We will now look at them one by one.
1.                                Though Food
Satanic poison can come into a person’s life through eating polluted and demonic food.   This can be through eating physical food or through spiritual feeding. You may find yourself eating and drinking spiritual poisons in your dream such as drinking soft drinks like coke and fanta. It could be through eating meat and other food items.

Prayer: All evil assignments fashioned against me through the mouth gate, be nullified by the blood of Jesus.

2.                                Though Sex
This could be in the physical with demonic sex partners that steal your virtues and transfers affliction and sickness into such a life.  It could also be in the dream to transmit disease, spiritual weakness, pollution, evil plantations and deposits to the person.  This can result in sicknesses such as fibroid, cancer and other terrible diseases. 
3.                                Through Dream Attacks
It can be through animal bite.  This can be both physical bite and spiritual bite in the dream by dangerous animals such as serpents, scorpions, and dogs.  It could also be human bite such as a breast being bitten by a baby in the dream which later develops into breast cancer.
It could be through being injected in the dream by demonic doctors and nurse.  This is direct pollution of the blood that must be handled urgently.  There are other dangerous ways that people’s blood gets polluted in the dream.  It could be through being pierced by broken glass or cut by a knife or other sharp objects.   It could be through stepping on things in the dream. These are all evil plantations or seeds that if allowed to grow can have devastating result.  They will manifest later as fruits and trees such as insanity, lupus, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and fibroids.
4.                                Through Demonic Access to a Person’s Physical Personal Property
These include personal properties such as sanitary towels, under wears, scarves, toiletries, blood, hair, and clothes.  These are kept on evil altars or buried and manipulated to plant evil in a person’s life. They may also be used to summon such a person to evil meetings where evil things are planted in their lives to poison them.  Satanic judgment such as insanity and barrenness may be passed on them also.

1.                    I separate my life from every possession of mine on any evil altar.
2.                    Any evil altar harboring my possessions, catch fire now, in the name of Jesus.

5.                                Through Enchantments
This can be through evil plantations and deposits.  This can be external or internal. Externally, satanic things are dropped on the ground for their victims’ to step on such as evil powder, blood, and evil portions. Evil portions are also dropped in the food and drink of unsuspecting and often careless victims.   Internally, it could be through evil deposits through injections in the dream; sex in the dream; food in the dream, evil laying on of the hands in the dream.   
6.                                Partaking in Polluted and Demonic Communion Elements
Just like good churches and fellowships serve good and holy communion, demonic gatherings also serve communion except that theirs is evil.   They are used to poison and to initiate members into evil societies and associations.   Therefore, you should be very careful where and with whom you take communion. Do you know who prepared the communion? Do you know what the food was dedicated to? Do you know the hands that carried or served it?  Are the vessels clean and holy? Demons are easily transferred this way. 

1. I drink the blood of Jesus.
 2. Blood of Jesus nullify every poison in my system.

7.                               Evil Laying on of Hands
Evil deposits and plantations can be transmitted through evil laying on of hands by strange people.  This can happen through physical laying on of hands for example through a demonic pastor or other authority figures such as parents and grandparent.  It can also occur through spiritual laying on of hands for example through the dreams. People have even run mad through this medium.  Blood poisoning, disease, poverty, demotion, shame and other undesirable things have been transmitted this way. Therefore, you need to protect your head with your very life and be very careful who you allow to touch your head.   At the very least, it should be a person that you know very well and have had a relationship with for a while and not just a stranger.

Prayer: Evil hands oppressing my life, wither and be cut off now.  

8.                               Satanic Poisoning Through Kissing and Hugging.
Both physical killing and kissing in the spirit realm can introduce poison into a person’s life.  Promotes and no one can demote.  Dreams in which you are kissing, whether a loved one or a stranger, are often avenues of polluting your life and transmitting evil to poison your life.  It should be handled urgently with the prayers at the end of this chapter.
9.                                Satanic Poisoning Through Evil Gift
By giving you satanic gifts, demonic people can gain access to your life, to plant evil.  They can be used to destroy your home, marriage, health.  They can be used to steal your virtues and to render you poor or jobless.  They can be used to transfer their sickness to you or to run you mad.  For example, people have accepted money or even wedding gifts that turned their lives upside down. Do not use your gift right away.  Always anoint and pray over it. Then prayerfully ask the Lord if you can keep it, give it away, or destroy it.

Prayer: Every satanic gift targeted against my destiny, catch fire and be roasted to ashes.
10.                            Through the Ministry of Evil Pots
Evil pots are witchcraft weapons used to torment their victims.   As they are cooking the pot, your blood is being poisoned and manipulated.   It makes your body temperature to go out of control.  Evil pots are also buried in the ground with polluted water in it which the owner force feeds the victim either physically or spiritually in the dream.   This water is assigned to poison such a life. 

1. Every evil pot manipulating my life and destiny, break now, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every power cooking my health in any evil cauldron, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

     1.  Pollution and contamination
     2. Satanic initiation into evil associations
      3. Satanic dedications
    4.   Killing, stealing, and destruction.
    5.   Sickness and life threatening diseases such as Acquired Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)                   and other blood diseases.
   6.  Confusion
   7.   Evil transfers and exchange of virtues and goodness.
   8.   Non fulfillment destiny
   9.   Affliction hardship, and oppression
   10. Untimely death

1.                    Every covenant of sorrow and tears, break by the blood of Jesus.
2.                    Blood of Jesus break every foundation of weeping and mourning.
3.                    I speak the peace of God over my spiritual and physical house, in the name of Jesus.
4.                    Every seed, leaf, and tree of witchcraft in my family be overthrown and roasted, in the name of Jesus. 

1.    Get to know Jesus as you can only fight and win the battle with His help.  
2.    Daily purge your spirit, soul, and body with the blood of Jesus, and the fire of the Holy Ghost. Daniel 1:8-20.
3.    Go for deliverance ministration if possible.  Obadiah 1:17.
4.    Pray deliverance prayers.
5.    Do not eat, drink or engage in sex carelessly.
6.  Be mindful of your associations.
6.    Pray over your gifts and anoint them before using.  Be careful who you accept gifts from.   Be careful who you allow to stay in your home.

Prayer: Blood of Jesus neutralize every poison in my body, soul, and spirit.

Songs: 1. Holy Ghost, lay your hands on me with your mighty power 2. Holy Ghost fire fall fall on me. Fire, fire, fall on me, fire.
3. Inside me, outside me, around me, Holy Ghost fire. 4. Super blood of Jesus, Come and deliver me O.

1.  Blood of Jesus flush out every evil product in my body.  
2.    Fire of God burn to ashes everything programmed into my life to poison me, in the name of Jesus.
3.    I cough out and vomit every food eaten from the table of the devil, in the name of Jesus.
4.  Evil altars controlling my blood, catch fire now, in the name of Jesus.
5.  Every stranger in my body come out of your hiding place, die, in the name of Jesus.
6.    Every evil plantation in my spirit, soul, and body, be uprooted by the hands of fire.  
7.    Evil arrows in my body, come out and backfire, in the name of Jesus.
8.   I vomit and pass out any satanic deposit and plantation out of my system.
9.   I break every evil fountain flowing into my life from my family line, in the name of Jesus.
10.   Blood of Jesus cleanse my body, soul, and spirit.
11.  My body refuse to cooperate with any arrow of darkness, in the name of Jesus. To each of the under listed say: “Backfire, backfire, backfire by fire, in the name of Jesus.
                   a. witchcraft arrows      b. marine arrow            c. familiar spirit arrows
d. arrows from evil pots            e. arrow of demotion    f. arrows from the waters               
g. sickness               h. arrows of evil rituals                    i. arrows of demonic sacrifices       
k. arrows from evil candles and incense l. untimely death
12. Every evil river flowing into my life, dry up, in the name of Jesus.
13.  Blood of Jesus neutralize every evil blood of my parents in me.
14.  My blood reject every covenant of sickness, in the mighty name of Jesus.
15.  Every enchantment assigned for my downfall, die, now.
16.  Every spiritual cannibal eating my blood and my flesh, vomit it and die, in the name of Jesus.
17.  Blood of Jesus repair every damage done to my life by satanic poisoning.

18. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.


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