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Scriptures: Acts 19:19, Numbers 23:23, Leviticus 19:26, 2 Kings17:17.
Song: 1. Kingdom come by power, by fire. 2. Holy Ghost, arise in your power.

1. Problems caused by enchantment in my life, pack your load and go in Jesus name.
2. Every consultation of sorcerers against me, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every magic poured to the ground to subdue my life backfire, in the name of Jesus.
4. Powers weakening my spiritual authority die.
5. Every evil plantation in my life, be uprooted by fire, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every power assigned to terminate my purpose on earth, die now.


The Bible in Numbers 23:23, makes us aware that there is a spirit called enchantment.   Enchantment is a weapon and device of the enemy. 1 Corinthians 2:11.  It consists of the following:
  •   Bewitchment
  • Casting spells
  • Jinxes and Hexes
  • Occultism
  • Practice of magic and voodoo
Enchantment is normally backed up by evil covenants and curses including blood covenants and sacrifices containing blood.   It carries demonic power which affects people and things negatively. It affects areas such as businesses, careers, ministries, and relationships such as marriages. Anyone who practices enchantment is an enchanter. 

Prayer: Every damage done to my life through enchantment, be repaired by the blood of Jesus. 

1. Bewitchment
This is the use of divination and sorcery.  Like the Simon, the Sorcerer who operated out of Samaria 

in the book of Acts, they bewitch people’s destinies.  (Acts 8:9-11).

They use charms and talisman to destroy others. Jeremiah 11:19. 
They use incantations and chanting to harm others.

They carry out evil rituals to manipulate others such as carrying out blood sacrifices using animals and even human beings.
It is steeped in the use of idol power

They use various witchcraft weapons such as mortars, dolls, needles and brooms. For example the broom is used to sweep good things out of people’s lives for example it can be used to sweep you out of your matrimonial home, job, or business.
They use other people’s lives to prolong their own lives while the innocent victim dies and they live on.
They transfer their evil load, their own problems, to others.   Such demonic transfers include 
sickness, affliction, and untimely death.  Even in the dream they try to place evil load in your hands, thereby transferring their afflictions, untimely death, etc to you.

Pray with hot anger:

Whatever the enemy has placed in my hands to cause trouble for me catch fire.

Pray again:

Every owner of evil load transferred into my life, appear now, carry you load and get out in the name of Jesus. 

A lot of them have spiritual cemetery and graveyards in their houses where they bury innocent victims including their tenants.   They have slaughter houses which are witchcraft altars where they trade in human body parts.  They stock these with the body parts of innocent people.

They steal people’s promotion, virtues, wealth, and health and use them to move their own lives forward while the real owners are left stranded in life.

They run people insane using evil arrows and satanic bullets fired through avenues such as dreams, food, sex, and sharing personal items. 

They are behind failure at the edge of breakthroughs.

Pray the following prayers like a mad prophet:

Every instrument of darkness assigned against my life, be roasted to ashes, in the name of Jesus.

My life, reject bewitchment in the name of Jesus.

2. Casting of Spells
A person or a thing can be under a spell. This is the act of being charmed so that you can be demonically controlled.  Spells can be cast from a distance and will affect its target.

3. Mind Control
Enchanters use various means to control the minds of others.  They are all geared towards manipulating the destiny of others to suit their own evil purposes.  These include:
  • Hypnotism
  • Acupuncture
They chew things in their mouth and everything that they tell you, you do like a zombie. 


1.    To manipulate, bewitch and change glorious destinies.

2.    To introduce curse into a life. A curse is anything that is contrary to a blessing.

3.    To bring bad luck, hardship and misfortune.

4.    To take you from the head region to the tail region and to bring demotion and backwardness. 

5.    To program sickness and untimely death using weapons like serpents.

6.    Use hearing of strange voices to confuse and introduce insanity.

7.    To capture and enslave the mind through mind control

8.    To amputates and waste destinies

9.    To fragment lives and turn lives upside down.

10. To render a person or  a thing useless or desolate

11. To program failure where there should be success

12. To divert and to program confusion, error and mistake.

13. To bring spiritual deafness and blindness.

14. To summon a person for destruction.

 1.    There are various groups that use enchantment against a person. These include:

2.    Household wickedness powers

3.    Unfriendly friends

4.    Witchcraft powers and covens

5.    Star Hunters

6.    Evil environmental powers such as landlords

7.    Members of various evil associations such as Lodge and marine societies

8.    Evil churches such as White Garment churches

9.   Occult people

10.                Strongmen

11. People that practice astral projections

12. Idol worshippers

13. Evil programmers

1.    Manipulate your personal effects, such as clothes, against you.

2.    Use polluted food to bewitch for example food may contain serpents which material once you eat it and start biting and eating up your organs.

3.    Manipulate the elements including the sun, the moon, the stars, and the dust against you.  For example the full moon can be used to run a person insane. 

4.    Use the earth to pronounce evil on people

5.    Shoot satanic arrows through avenues such as the eyes, evil handshake, and dream attacks.

6.    Transfer evil load to people for example through evil sacrifices.

7.    Astral attacks including astral projections

1.    Destiny stagnation

2.    Hearing strange voices that bring confusion into such a life.

3.    Seeing strange things including shadows.

4.    Experiencing mental blockages and dullness of the mind.  You may even be having dreams of your computer being stolen.  Your computer is your mental capacity. This makes the brain to go blank and not remember things when you need to. The chances are your brain has been bewitched.

5.    Have terrible dreams or just cannot remember anything you dream.

6.    Suffer unexplainable material and financial losses including tragedy and accidents

7.    Marital instability

8.    Profitless hard-work

9.    Vagabond anointing

10. Have conscious destructive tendencies
11. Fall out of favor with people that can help you

                  Even when it is within their power to help, they just refuse to help

12. Unexplainable hatred

13. Intimidation

14.    Wasteful spending

15. Sicknesses that defy treatment

16. Repeated miscarriages

17. Drunkenness and drug addiction.

18. Depression

19. Strings of accidents and tragedies.

20. Loss of interest in the things of God. Encounter difficulty in praying and carrying out other spiritual exercises.

21. Strange things appear in the house such as rats, roaches, flies and millipedes.  They often come out at midnight.

22. Manipulate your into going to wrong churches so you cannot get the help that you need. 

23. Seeing people with dark clothes or uniforms in your dream.

a.    These are witches and occultists ganging up against you

24. Your children turn against you.
25.       See good things in the dream but they do not happen in the physical.

1.   Surrender your life to God.  He is able to destabilize enchanters. Job 5:12, Psalm 33:10, Psalm 37:7.

2.    Repent of all sin.

3.    Pull down the altar of the enchanters.
Be aware that some satanic agents are moving altars. They have swallowed the altar so they carry them around. You must set these evil altars in their bodies ablaze.  This will prevent the evil birds and other evil materials in their stomach from being able to attack you.  Be careful also so you do not get initiated unconsciously.
4.    Command reversal on all the evil exchanges that they have made on your life.

5.    Confront the enemy using the weapons that are available to you as a believer.  These include the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the word of God, the fire of the Holy Ghost, and the weapon of the dust.  Each battle is different so ask God for the most effective weapons to use such as calling down the fire of God to roast their weapons.

a.    Call fire on their evil instruments

b.    Destroy their charms and instruments

c.    Counter their words with the word of God

6.    Uproot everything planted in the earth against you.

7.    Deprogram everything spoken into the sun, the moon and the stars against you.

8.    Retrieve and destroy things that have been thrown into the forest and the waters against you.

9.   Lastly recall and recover all your blessings that have been thrown into the water, forest, and satanic banks.   


1. I loose myself from every power of enchantment and divination, in the name of Jesus.
2. I cancel every spell, enchantment, and divination assigned against me, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every evil cauldron working against me, receive the judgment of God.
4. Every word programmed into the sun, the moon, and the stars against me, backfire.
5. Every owner of evil load, appear now, carry your load, and go in the name of Jesus.
6. Every power summoning me for evil at midnight, die now in Jesus name.
7. Every satanic pot controlling my life break into irreparable pieces and die in the name of Jesus.
8. Every power saying evil prayers and holding evil vigils against me, die.
9. Every sponge and soup assigned against my progress and destiny, catch fire and be roasted to ashes in the name of Jesus.
10. Sacrifice of the wicked prepared for me backfires in the name of Jesus.
11. Any charm, incantations, and enchantment done to destabilize my life and ministry, be disgraced in the name of Jesus.
12. Every evil meeting organized for my sake, scatter by fire and by thunder, in Jesus name.
13. I cancel and nullify every label and handwriting attached to my person and destiny by the power in the blood of Jesus. 
14. You my enemies, today, make mistakes that will promote me.
15. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I loose myself from every curse, chains, spells, jinxes, hexes, bewitchment and sorcery which may have been put on me.
16.  You my glory jump out of every valley of bewitchment and locate me by fire.  


Unknown said...

Thanks it was a blessing

Unknown said...

Thanks it was a blessing

Pastor Morayo said...

Thank You Latoya for the encouragement. May the Lord continue to bless and increase you on every side.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Morayo

Unknown said...

Thank you Pastor Morayo for this clear teaching and well aimed prayers. May the Lord allow many to find help and deliverance through these prayers, as wickedness is everywhere. But through the covenant of the Blood We can be and stay more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. Thank you Pstr. Morayo. Stay strong and blessed till the end.

Unknown said...

Good bless you pastor Morayo I was going thru some stuff and I could not understand but now I do. I pray the Lord continue to bless you as you help us to fight the good fight of faith and learn how to pray prayers that will help us to alway win the battle against wickedness as I grow in the Lord. God bless you again woman of God. Thank you sooooo much for the prayer just praying the prayer I can feel a different in my body.

Morayo said...

Dear Brethren,

I am very happy that the deliverance website was a blessing to you. I pray that the God of deliverance will visit you and perfect your deliverance in the wonder working name of Jesus. Remain blessed.

Pastor Morayo

Anonymous said...

You have confirmed my suspicions. Concerning fake friends and evil sorcerer. Thanks for the
Holy scriptures and for sharing knowledge. I no longer dough. If God words confirm it it is truth.

Anonymous said...

Merci home de Dieu

Anonymous said...

Merci homme de DIEU

Unknown said...

God bless you pastor Morayo More Grace

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to think it was real but my sister whom claims to be a dark witch has been doing spells on me my whole life[which hurts because she was my favorite sister ,the 1st time I becameaware of it was an astrologist/palm readertold me that someone I cared deeply for had been piling all their bad karma onto me and stealing my good deeds for most of my life .a very heavy weight to carry.yet I have always believed in god and know what jesus did to save me from sin and have repeatedly ordered satin to get behind thee and flee from me and mine in the name of jesus but something about the power in your words has me feeling relief and assurity that I can rise above and be ok .god bless you and yours

Unknown said...

God bless your ministry, its being of tremendous blessings to me

Unknown said...

I thank God for these prayers and I praise the Lord for His hand of deliverance upon my life. God Bless you Pastor Morayo.

Unknown said...

I appreciate your efforts to educate people. As a fact, I have benefited from your exposition.

However, I found you are baised. You listed WHITE GARMENT CHURCHES as enchanters. Well, you have made yourself a JUDGE.
I suggest you look for more honourable ways to market your business instead of talking ill of Churches founded on JESUS CHRIST AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Sir.Am really blessed by your teaching.

Bankole said...

Thanks but you are not on Facebook

Anonymous said...

So relevant to my situation, Africa is a dangerous ground to play in without continuos prayer, pray without ceasing Paul was not crazy when he said this statement.🙏🙏🙏