Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him and He will show them His covenant." Psalm 25:14

From our last discussion we said that in this session we would consider the following question "Why do some people continuously hear God while others do not?”

To answer this question we must first consider the "Who is a friend of God?" and "To whom does God reveal His secrets?"

This is because God never stops speaking to His friends or revealing His secrets to them. The friends of God are those with whom He communicates continuously. They are those to whom He reveals His secrets. They are those to whom He reveals things before performing them. Amos 3:7.
The bible says of Abraham that he was God's friend. James 2:23. Even God Himself said He would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah without revealing His plan to Abraham.

Those that put God first always
God's friends are those that continuously minister to Him through prayers, fasting, and worship. They spend quality time with Him at every available moment and put His needs first. To them it is a joy not a chore. We see this in the life of Old Anna who continuously stayed in the Temple serving and worshipping God day and night. We see this in the life of Old Simeon that the Lord refused to let die until he saw the fulfillment of those things that God showed him.

Friends of God enjoy being in His presence
They love to spend quality time with God. They never have enough of Him. We see this in the life of Paul who went away to the Arabian desert just to spend time alone undisturbed with God. We see this in the live of the apostles hence Jesus said they were no longer servants but friends. He stopped talking to them in parable like he did with the others and talked to them in such a way that they could understand. While in the presence of God, He shares a lot of secret with is friends. Jesus refused to see His enemies like Herod talkless of speaking to them or divulging any secrets to them whatsoever.
Even our Lord Jesus Christ showed us great example of how a friend of God should live. He spent quality time with His Father often spending the night in prayers, waking before others to be with God or just disappearing into the mountains to spend quality time with God. He had an in dept grasp and knowledge of the word of God. He had a pure heart. He eschewed sin and loved righteousness. He was connected to the Father and only did what He saw His Father doing or telling Him to do.

Friends of God are eager to serve
We see this in the life of Paul as well as in the case of Simeon and Anna. They are eager to minister to God and His needs even before their own as in the case of Abraham who offered up his Isaac to God.Friends of God fear and reverence Him. We see this in the life of Abraham who continuously built altars for God.

There are many advantages of being God's friend. One of these is that God reveals secrets to His friends. Amos 3:7
God reveals His secrets to the righteous, those with clean hands and clean hearts. Psalm 24:4.To hear God continuously you must constantly remain plugged to the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit. If your spiritual battery is running low you must lock your self with God to recharge.

In summary, God talks continuously to His children. He desires continuous fellowship. So the first condition must be to get born again and become His son which will qualify you to hear from Him continuously. Fear God and reverence Him. Seek Him continuously, always putting Him first. Eschew sin and flee from it. Read the Word of God unceasingly. Worship Spend time with him in prayers, fasting, and watching. Ensure that you remain connected to Him. May the Lord continuously speak to us as we practice what we have discussed in Jesus Name. Amen!

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