Sunday, March 20, 2016


SCRIPTURES: Genesis 39:1-23.
CONFESSIONS: Nahum 1:1-7, 1 Samuel 2:6-10, Psalm 3:3.
SONGS: 1. The Rock that never fails let me trust in you 2. Do something new in my life.
HYMN: Search my heart O Lord.
1. I thank you Lord for what you will use this program to do in my life.
2. Every fire assigned to burn me consume your owner, in the name of Jesus.
3. Evil hands troubling my life, wither by fire.
4. I paralyze every strongman assigned against my life and destiny, in the name of Jesus.
5. I break every curse of demotion put upon my life, in the name of Jesus.
6. Anointing of ease, fall upon my life.
7. I cut off every evil hand and evil leg walking about for my sake, in Jesus name.
8. I cancel every dream of demotion with the blood of Jesus.
9. Every power assigned to turn my glory to rags, fail and die.
10. Every embargo keeping demotion in place in my life, break and die.

In our scripture for today, Genesis 39:1-23, Joseph refused to cooperate with demotion by resisting all efforts by the wife of his master, Portiphar, to sleep with him.  He fled from the scene leaving his jacket behind in the hand of the tempter who was assigned by satan to destroy his colorful destiny just like his siblings before her.  Joseph knew only one thing and that was that no matter what came his way he would not sin against God.  He chose to remain on the Lord's side and that singular and very wise decision preserved his life and wonderful destiny.   Within months he became the Prime Minister of Egypt, the greatest power of his day.  Had he cooperated with demotion by sleeping with his mistress, that would have been the end of his colorful destiny as God and His spirit would have departed from Him leaving him to his own devices.  Today, I do not know why God has brought this ministration your way.  One thing I know is that you too must choose not to cooperate with demotion through your choices and actions and stay on the Lord's side.  When you do that, He will bring to pass every promise that He has given you no matter how impossible it seems.  Be encouraged in Jesus name.  

Demotion is to:
v  Bring a person down from a great height.
v  Reduce in rank or importance.
v  Move from the head to the tail.
v  From above to beneath
v  Relocate from the front to the back.
v  Take from maximum to minimum.
v  Degrade.
v  Loose status.
v  Relegate to a less important position than before.
v  Fall from grace to grass.

There are many factors that can bring about demotion in a person’s life.  These include the following:

1. Sin. Jeremiah 5:25.
2. Faulty foundation.  Psalm 11:3.  For example Gideon was demoted because he could not rise above his background of idolatry.  Judges 8:24-27.   
3. Curses and enchantments.  Galatians 5:7. For example Reuben’s life was demoted by the curse of “thou shall not excel” that his father Jacob put on him. Genesis 49:3-4.
4. Evil covenants.  A good example is collective captivity that demotes all members of a particular family or locality.  The Gibeonites made a covenant with Israel which reduced them to servanthood. Joshua 9:22-27.
5. Indiscipline. For example, Reuben slept with his father’s wife which resulted in his being demoted from his position as first born.  Genesis 49:3-4.  Another example is Esau who sold his birthright as the first born for a pot of porridge and lived to regret it.  Genesis 25:29-34, Hebrews 12:17.
6. Spiritual arrows and bullets.  These are fired into a person’s life to bring about demotion.
Say: Every evil arrow and bullet assigned to demote my life, backfire by fire.  
Arrows should be spiritually extracted and sent back to sender through targeted prayers and deliverance.
7. Satanic programming.  Wicked powers program demotion into people’s lives and destiny.  Such powers include enchanters, star gazers, and sorcerers.
Prayer: Every power struggling to reprogram my life die, in the name of Jesus.
8. Evil transmission. This can be come from evil deposits, physical and spiritual hugs, kisses, sex, handshakes, evil food, and manipulation of placentas and personal effects.
9. Evil association.  Hanging around with the wrong company brings nothing but trouble. 1 King 12:8-19.
10. Wrong marriage.  Samson’s marriage to Delilah is a classic example. Judges 16:1-21.
11. Wrong environment.
Prayer: Every power of environmental demotion targeting my life, die now.
12. Satanic broadcasters. Therefore you should guide your lips and use it wisely.
13. Disobedience and rebellion. These led to King Saul being demoted from being king.  1 Samuel 13:11-14, 1 Samuel 15:22-23. 
14. Poor giving habits.  Not paying tithes and offering and giving to the less privileged. Proverbs 11:24.
15. Lack of wisdom.  Matthew 10:16.

     There are certain powers that can demote a person. These powers include:
1. Foundational Powers.  These are behind collective captivity.  They maintain evil records for family members which are used to demote them.  An example is ancestral powers that use evil altars, idols, priests, covenants, and strongmen to demote lives.
Prayer: Every voice from my foundation speaking demotion into my life, die.
2. Household wickedness powers.  These includes polygamous powers and wicked family strongmen manipulating the progress of family members.  
3. Witchcraft Powers.  These powers employ various witchcraft weapons to demote their targets.  Such weapons include evil marks; judgments; curses; padlocks; horns used to scatter blessings; and brooms that are used to sweep away blessings.  Zechariah 1:19
Prayer: Every witchcraft weapon assigned to demote me be roasted.
4. Occult people.  These include enchanters, psychics and magicians who use strange mirrors, incense, candles, incantation, demonic sacrifices, and charms against their victims.
5. Agent of darkness within the church.  These include satanically powered clergy and laity.

Demotion affects various areas of a person’s life including marriage, career, finances, relationships, business, ministry and even health.  Let us now examine these effects.
1. Your position is given to another. For example King Saul lost his kingship to David. 
2. Dishonor.  You bow to people that previously bowed to you including your inferiors
3. Mockery.  Judges 16:25.
4. Reproach.  Genesis 27:34-40.
5. Crippling Set backs.  Genesis 39:19-20.
6. Spiritual and physical dryness
7. Rejection. People that celebrated you before, now do not want to even see you.
8. Suffering and affliction. Judges 16:19-21.
9. Satanic delays.  Genesis 27:40.
10. Failure. Judges 16:20.
11. Blockages
12. Abortion of opportunities, breakthroughs, and goodness.  Genesis 27:36.

1. Surrender your life to our Lord Jesus Christ and make God your friend.
He is the only one that can open a door and keep it open, lift you up and keep you up there. 
2. Repent of all known sins including your personal sins and those of your ancestors.
3. Live a holy life. 
4. Live a life of integrity and righteousness.  Proverbs 18:10.
5. Bridle your tongue.  Judges 16:15-21.
6. Ask God for wisdom to run your life.  James 1:5.
7. Engage in spiritual warfare and pray violent prayers daily against demoting powers.
8. Go for deliverance periodically in a Holy Ghost centered church.
9. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the God daily.

Songs: 1. Kingdom come by power by fire.  2. Deliver me, Deliver me.
3. There is something that makes me come into your presence my helper.
1. Every arrow of destiny demotion backfire by fire in the name of Jesus.
2. Household wickedness powers speaking demotion into my life, fall down and die.
3. Evil hands sowing garments of demotion for me, wither.
4. Everything I have ever swallowed that is demoting my life, come out with all your roots.
5. Owners of evil load of demotion carry your load, in the name of Jesus.
6. Ancestral bondages sponsoring demotion in my life, break by the blood of Jesus.
7. Every power, spirit, or personality assigned to turn my glory to shame, die now.
8. Blood of Jesus terminate every season of shame, reproach, and dishonor in my life.  
9. Satanic networks working against my promotion, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
10. I shall not bow before my enemies, my enemies shall bow before me.
11. If I am my own worst enemy, Father please arise and help me, in the name of Jesus.
12. Let all the wicked planning my demotion be taken in their own wicked devices.
13. I reject every gift that is assigned to demote my life and I set it on fire.
14. I break every curse of demotion placed upon my life by the power in the blood of Jesus.
15. Blood of Jesus repair all the damages done to my life and destiny by agents of demotion.
16. O God arise by all the powers by which you are known as God and promote me by fire.

17.  Thank the  Lord for delivering you.  Sing the song “I am delivered praise the Lord.” 


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seun said...

God bless you ma'am

Pastor Morayo said...

Amen! May the Lord God richly bless you too. Enjoy Nathaniel Bassey's Onise Iyanu and Hallelujah.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Morayo

Anonymous said...

Lord I praise you for Promoting me! Demotion shall not prevail in my life in Jesus' name!

Homore said...

I see my self always in my sec or primary sch,and anytime i see this fear wraps me up cos the outcome is always bad,i have been struggling.demotion makes a man mad.