Monday, June 29, 2015


CONFESSIONS: Matthew 3:10, Matthew 13:25, Matthew 15:13, 2 Timothy 4:18, 1 John 3:8.

SONGS: 1. There is power mighty in the blood 2. Jesus power, super power 3. Fire of God fall upon me

HYMN: The blood that Jesus shed for me it will never lose its power

1.   Every evil product in my body, be flushed out by the blood of Jesus.
2.   Every power burning incense against me somersault and die now.
3.   Every hidden sickness programmed into my life in the dream, come out and die now, in the name of Jesus.
4.   Every agenda of darkness for my life, scatter by thunder, in Jesus name.

To plant is to put something into the ground to grow. It is to set firmly in place.  It is to put seeds into the soil. The enemy’s agenda is to kill, steal, and destroy.  Planting evil things into a person’s life is one of the ways that he does this.  Examples of evil plantations are sickness, insanity, and failure.  

1.    They are problems planted by the enemy into a person’s life.
2.    Evil seeds can be programmed by satanic programmers such as insanity, divorce, sickness, and demotion.
o   To germinate at a particular point in time.
o   Among good fruits the enemy can plant rotten fruits.
o   Can program pepper which means afflictions.
3.    They are strangers wandering about in the garden of your life.  Psalm 18:44-45.
4.    They are evil load.

Prayer: Every owner of evil load in my life, appear by fire. Now, carry your evil load and go, in the name of Jesus.


1.    Monitoring gadgets.
o   Monitoring powers
o   Animals assigned be following you about.
2.    Incisions and other evil marks of satanic ownership.

Prayer: Every power claiming ownership of my life, you are a liar, fall down and die.

3.    Spiritual marriages
o   To parents
o   To siblings
o   To spiritual deities or idols
o   To ancestral strongmen
4.    Through gifts.
5.    Satanic programming
o   These are evil spiritual pregnancies that give birth to trouble
6.    Examples are painful menstruation, sickness, error and mistake, and untimely death.
7.    Arrows of destruction
o   Some do not kick in immediately but are timed to go off at a future date.
§  For example no husband, no children, bad health, mental sickness, etc.

Prayer: Every arrow of destruction fired into my life, jump out and back fire.

8.    Evil transmission though evil laying on of hands, evil handshake, evil hugs and evil kiss. 
9.    Polygamy.  
10. Evil food from the table of the enemy both physically and in the dream.
11. Incest and sexual pollution.
12. Things that you have swallowed or been fed with such snail, millipede, serpents, duck, and turtles.

Prayer: every slow moving animal programmed into my life to slow down my destiny, come out with all your deposits and die, in the name of Jesus.

13. Demonic dog bite or human bite.
14. Attending evil festivals such as Mermaid festivals, Marine festivals, Age group festivals, Ancestral festivals, Osun festival in Western Nigeria and New Yam festival in Eastern Nigeria.
15. Demonic sacrifices such as those found at road junctions or thrown in the water.
16. Childhood mistakes.
17. Dream attacks.
o   Satanic bullets.
o   Evil consumption
o   Sex in the dream
o   Evil transmission through hugs, kisses, and handshakes
o   Demonic access to the head.
o   Demonic access to the blood through
§  Bite by animals such as dogs, bats, monkeys and serpents
§  Injections and cuts
18. Demonic baby sitters
o   Domestic house help
o   Wicked aunties and grandmothers.
19. Satanically wicked parents
20.  The person that gave you your first bath in life.
21. Satanic intermediaries such as witch doctors
22. Marine agents.
23. Polluted names

1.    Massive pollution
2.    Non achievement
3.    Failure when there should be success. 
4.    Miracles pass over your head
5.    Poor health and sickness such as fibroid.
6.    Confusion and frustration.
7.    Satanic rearrangement of divine destiny.
8.    Altered character and personality for example after being fed in dreams some people get very fat. Some women after sex with spirit husbands develop facial hair.  
9.    Activities of wasters

1.    Make Jesus your friend.
2.    Challenge your body with the fire of God
3.    Drink the blood of Jesus to flush out every stranger in your spirit, soul, and body. 
4.    Pray the attached prayers to uproot evil plantations.
5.    Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost. 


Song: 1. Holy Ghost and fire, fill my spirit, Super blood of Jesus come and deliver me 2. Fire of God, fall upon me. 3. Holy Ghost lay your hands on me with your mighty power.

11.    Press your hand against your lower abdomen as you pray this prayer: Every stranger in my body, come out by fire.
2.    Every plantation of darkness in my life, be uprooted by fire.
3.    Every evil consumption in my system, be purged by the fire of the Holy Ghost and be flushed out by the blood of Jesus.
4.    I disconnect myself from every evil caterer, in the name of Jesus.
5.    I break the hold of any evil power over my life, in the name of Jesus.
6.    Evil arrows fired into my life, jump out and locate your senders and kill them.
7.    Every evil gunman assigned against me, turn the gun on yourself and shoot. 
8.    I drink the blood of Jesus.
9.    Blood of Jesus transfuse my blood and wash away every evil pollution in my system. 
10. Mention the under listed one by one and say, “I uproot you from the foundation of my life and destiny, in the name of Jesus.” (pick from the list below)

- nakedness                                    -ancestral curses             -defeat
- non achievement                           -parental curses               -demotion
- demonically induced sickness          -shame and disgrace        -monitoring devices

11. Pick from the list below and say, “I uproot you, I uproot you, I uproot you by fire, in the name of Jesus.

Evil product of:

- insanity                                        -affliction                         -evil hugs
- serpents                                       -evil consumption             -evil kisses
- evil personality                              -dog bite                         -evil hand shake
- strangers                                     -satanic poison                 -backwardness 
- pollution                                      -Bullets of darkness           - evil arrows

12.  Every owner of evil load in my body appear, carry your load and go.
13. Resurrection power of God, fall upon my life.
14. Every strongman of body destruction, fall down and die.
15. Blood of Jesus purge my body organs.
16. Blood of Jesus repair all that evil plantations have destroyed in my life.
17. O Lord, restore back to me all that I have lost as a result of evil plantations in the name of Jesus.
18. I recover back all that plantations of darkness have stolen from me.  I recover back…….
Name them one by one – good health, sanity, promotion, peace, husband, children, wealth, joy…….
19. O Lord re-arrange my destiny to fulfill my divine purpose. 
20. Begin to thank the Almighty God for His great deliverance in your life.


Unknown said...

Thank GOD for such deep revelation

Pastor Morayo said...

To God All Wise, be the glory,the honor,and the power forever.

Remain blessed,

Pastor Morayo

Unknown said...

Thank you,and God bless.

Morayo said...

You are welcome! God is awesome. Please continue to visit the blog for more uplifting messages and prayers. I pray that blood of Jesus will flush out every evil plantation from your spirit and body in the mighty name of Jesus. I also barricade your life with the fire of the Holy Ghost and declare over your life that there shall be no reinforcement and regrouping, in Jesus name.

Be blessed.

Svetlana said...

First time i landed here, and i haven't been disappointed! very effective Thank You Pastor Morayo.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Morayo,

Thank you. I thank God for you.

Unknown said...

Thank you for these prayer points. God bless you

Anonymous said...

Wonderful teaching

pastor stephen said...

loaded more grace sir

Anonymous said...

Thank you!