Sunday, February 28, 2010


Provoking Divine Intervention

Text: 2 King 6:13-17

Confession: Psalm 119:18

What is Blindness?

It means:

- In ability to see

- To loose the power to see

- Lacking in sight

- Inability to understand situations around you

- Not controlled by reason- cannot see reason

- Cannot perceive things happening around him

- Blindfolded – Spiritual veil put over mind.

You receive spiritual sight through dreams and visions, word of God Holy Ghost impression and quickening, prophesy.

What is Spiritual Blindness?

It is possible to have eyes but not see. Isaiah 42:20

It means:

- In ability to see in the spiritual realm

- Heart void of light

- Spiritual bat

- Lacking in sight

- Understanding of spiritual things lost

- Eyes of your mind

o not enlightened

o Full of darkness

o Spiritual veil covering it

- Mind blindness

o This makes people unable to comprehend what God has done or is doing

o So resist the Gospel

- Cannot perceive things happening around him

- Blindfolded – Spiritual veil put over mind.

- Spiritual monitor tampered with

- Spiritual slumber

- Place of darkness, dangerous place to be

- Access to the Holy Ghost cut off so not help from the Holy Ghost

Who can be blinded?

- The Unsaved

- The rebellious

- The Hard Hearted

- The spiritually sick

- Pastors and Shepherds

- Those under satanic attacks.

Causes of Spiritual Blindness

1. Lack of study of God’s word. The word illuminates.

2. Lack of infilling of the Holy Ghost.

3. Worldliness

4. Ungodly friends.

5. Spiritual sickness and slumber

6. Uncircumcised or hardened heart

7. Satanic attack – arrows, curses, enchantment, evil touch, evil veils, etc.


O God arise and intervene in my situation today, in the name of Jesus.

11. God gives you divine beneficial secrets that solve your particular problem.


O God, put in my hand this moment the keys to my break throughs.

Effects of Spiritual Blindness

1. You are no longer in charge.

2. Stagnancy

3. Walk into danger

4. Cannot stay ahead of the enemy.

5. Can be easily captured.

6. Hinders and truncates walk with god.

7. No Deliverance

8. Fear.

9. Cannot see what God is doing so mistake enemies for friends

10. Misplaced priorities.

11. Abortion of Break throughs

12. Prevents you from receiving God’s goodness . What you cannot see you cannot possess.

12. When your life is following an evil pattern.

Way out

1. Become friend of

2. Repent of sin and rebellion

3. Cry out to God to open your eyes Ps. 146:8

4. Engage in spiritual prayer warfare against powers that want to blind you.


1. Every spiritual bird assigned to pluck out my eyes die.

2. Every power personality, and spirit employing fetish to blind me be exposed and disgraced, in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, open my eyes so that I can see.

4. Every power assigned to blind me your time is up, die, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every strongman behind my spiritual blindness, die by thunder, in Jesus name.

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